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Is this reflux?

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rubberducker Sun 13-Nov-16 19:12:06

So DS3 (21 weeks) has always been quite a sicky baby - he's always possetted after a feed and I've never been particularly concerned about it as he's gaining weight well and up to now has been happy and healthy.

However, for the last 2 weeks he suddenly seems to be much more unsettled. He is struggling to settle after night feeds, seems to be in pain and won't be put down to sleep on his back. Previously he was waking a couple of times a night for feeds but going straight back to sleep afterwards. Now he is crying, pulling knees up to his chest and it takes forever to settle him. He usually possets straight after a feed but often now will also bring something back hours later.

He is also passing a lot more wind (both ends) and has gone from a poo every other day or so to going 5/6 times a day. I've also noticed his poo is sometimes a bit greener than it was previously (breastfed so normally yellow).

So is this reflux? I'm just confused as thought that was supposed to get better as they get older, not worse! And if it is, what can I do? I'n already using infacol and trying to keep him upright after feeds.

I'm going to pop him up the doctors tomorrow to see what they think but would be interested to see if anyone has any thoughts?

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