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Fenugreek for dwindling milk supply

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Silvermockingbird Fri 11-Nov-16 18:20:18

My little girl is 9 days old and I've exclusively breastfed since my csecion, apart from poor latch and bleeding nipples the first few days I thought it was going really well, she was feeding really regular and the last 4ish days she seemed to settle into more of a routine and feeding for about 10-15 mins every 2 hours (occasionally she went 4 hours maybe twice or 3 times in a 24 hour period)

Obviously the boobs went huge and have been going up and down in size when she's draining them and the milk building back up, Past few days I've had to start using a bib cause she can spill some out when feeding but at least I knew I was producing more than enough, but yesterday morning I woke up and one boob was back to pre-pregnancy size and no firmness or tenderness whatsoever, the other one normal breastfeeding boob so I expressed about 5oz and it shrank to the same as the other.. Since then yesterday morning she has been really fussy hardly getting any milk, can't hear her swallowing anything she just seems to suck herself to sleep, been up all night hungry trying to feed falling asleep waking back up soon as I put her down, while she was asleep today I only managed to express a few drops out of each boob!

I really don't understand how this could have happened I've bought some fenugreek to see if that helps but otherwise I don't know what to do, i still put her on whenever she's hungry, but she doesn't seem to get anything. Is there any way I can avoid giving her formula and increase my milk supply FAST?

(I have nothing against formula just I gave up BF with my first baby pretty early so this time I'm determined to keep going)

wibblewobble8 Fri 11-Nov-16 20:21:35

Due to a late start breastfeeding i had to take fenugreek to boost my supply as my boobs had totally dried up. However i had to keep upping the amount of pills i was taking (by the end I was taking something like 25-30 a day and it was working out expensive). I looked online and read that domperidone was a prescription drug that worked equally well so i went to my gp and then another gp as my first gp totally dismissed me and got domperidone prescribed (for free as i live in Scotland). I took them for the next 6 months that i breastfed. I also expressed whenever i could to try and build up my supplies (in my boobs) and froze the milk for future use.

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