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Plugged duct - what next

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Kstar8 Wed 09-Nov-16 20:50:09

Hi all, 11 weeks in and still having a bit of a crap time BF. Had tongue tie cut twice, shredded nipples and clogged/plugged ducts. The previous clogged ducts I was able to resolve by pumping/dangle feeding/constant feeding/piercing bleb - never sure which was the actual solution but would do them all and they would resolve.

I've had a clogged duct/lump in my breast for a week and a half now. Nothing will shift it and I can't see a bleb blocking the flow of milk like I did before. It became really painful over the course of last week, I couldn't massage it as it was so so tender. On Friday I went to the doctors and was given a weeks course of antibiotics to take.

As of now, the lump is still there and very sore just not as bad as last week. I only have two more days of antibiotics and from what I've read, if they were going to clear this up/it was mastitis, the lump would be feeling better by now?

I don't know what to do next. I've read horror stories on here about breast abscesses and I'm petrified it will happen if this doesn't resolve. My GP is fairly useless and I feel like people fob me off with the usual advice that I've obviously exhausted. How long can I have this lump before it turns into something nasty? Im also tired of walking around with this very tender lump sad I've had enough of feeling like my boobs are against me. Any advice appreciated

Kstar8 Sun 13-Nov-16 02:47:18

Can I attempt one last bump for my lumpy lady lumps?

Has anyone had a blocked duct that wouldn't unblock?

SpeakNoWords Sun 13-Nov-16 03:15:53

Not had one that wouldn't unblock, sorry. Have you tried a hot shower on it then massaging it whilst keeping the hot water on it? Maybe take some painkillers to take the edge of if it hurts too much to massage.

Haggisfish Sun 13-Nov-16 03:19:15

I had to feed in a warm bath while massaging it and dangle feed while massaging to get rid of mine. Any laceration people at the local hospital you could phone? Ask for referral to breast clinic. They will be able to scan, treat and reassure.

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sun 13-Nov-16 03:23:02

Our old health visitor used to swear by combing blocked ducts. With a comb.

Go back to the GP if it's not getting better. Do you have any other symptoms? Pain, fever, redness or any other changes in the lump or your health?

windmillasaurus Sun 13-Nov-16 04:14:50

Just been through this. Very painful. After the antibiotics I'd been prescribed didn't work I went back to the doctors and was sent to a breast clinic. They did an ultra sound to see where the infection was. Mine was just under the skin so was given a local anaesthetic (ouch) then infection removed. Was left with a lovely hole which has now almost healed completely a week later.

Haggisfish Sun 13-Nov-16 04:18:13

I also put ibuprofen gel on breast after feeding-seemed to reduce inflammation better than swallowing it.

Kstar8 Sun 13-Nov-16 12:44:13

Thanks for your responses! Yep, tried massaging, heat/cold, dangle feeding etc. These worked on previous blockages but not this one.
I think it became mastitis last week as it was too tender to touch and hot. Antibiotics have made walking and movement bearable but it's still there and uncomfortable to lift my arm.

I think I'm going to need it treated like windmill sad will try and get useless GP to refer next week. I'm so fed up of BF, it's been one long stressful, painful experience.

Haggisfish Sun 13-Nov-16 13:15:24

How long a course were you given? Should be ten or fourteen days.

RockCrushesLizard Sun 13-Nov-16 13:34:21

You poor thing - what a slog.
It sound like you're doing all the right things.

I only wanted to add, what ever you do, keep feeding. If you are prone to blockages, a sudden stop will have a huge risk of more blockages and potential mastitis etc.
I have heard of women who needed surgical intervention told to stop immediately and it's terrible advice.

(Which is not to say you can't stop, just go slow!)

Kstar8 Sun 13-Nov-16 14:58:13

Haggis I was given seven days. I can touch it now and it's tender like most lumps are but not excruciating like last week.

Thanks Rock I'm still feeding really frequently in the hope it will magically shift but I think it needs another intervention.
I feel a bit trapped with BF now, I'm so invested in it emotionally and physically but I want to stop just so I can stop going through this every other week. But if I stop it will get worse before it gets better! BF isn't what I thought it would be. It's brutal!

RockCrushesLizard Sun 13-Nov-16 19:51:45

I know - what we expect and the reality are often miles apart!
You've done so well, and usually around BF now the easy bit kicks in and you reap the rewards of all that effort. Fingers crossed and a hug.

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