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CMPA, terrible reflux or something else.

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lilygirl81 Mon 07-Nov-16 16:37:46

My 16 week old is bf but does get a 120ml bottle of Aptimel each day.
For weeks now she has been increasingly sick during and after feeds. She never has a dry burp, and is still being sick over an hour after finishing a feed. She goes through about 5-6 bibs a day and loads of muslins too.

She has been on gaviscon for 5 weeks, but that mostly just seems to back her up, and ranitidine for 4 weeks without any improvement. I think she is sick so much that she throws up most of the medicine.

Because she is so sick, her feeds don't last her and she rarely goes more than 90 minutes between them. She also barely sleeps, I presume because of hunger and pain. She normally has one poo a day, depending on the gaviscon levels, and a pee every 2 hours or so, though today she has gone longer without a pee. She is gaining weight fast, climbing percentiles, but J think that is because she is feeding almost constantly every day (and night) to make up her volumes.

I'm seeing the GP again on Thursday, but want to really get a plan in motion. Is it worth me cutting out dairy to see if that helps? Is there anything else I can try? I was going to ask to be referred to a paediatrician, and apparently the NICE guidelines suggest a full feeding assessment be done, but I don't know who arranges this (asked HV and she had a quick look and said it was fine).

I'm feeling so awful that I can't help her, even now wondering if she would be better on special formula rather than continuing breastfeeding.

chanel223 Mon 07-Nov-16 18:19:06

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Penguina Wed 09-Nov-16 19:10:56

If you are going to stop dairy you will have to stop with the aptamil as well.

It's probably worth doing. I did it at about 6 weeks maybe. It did help with the spitting up, it still happens a lot but he doesn't cry about it now (5 months)

You will need to be quite firm with your GP and make sure they don't fob you off.

MrsCillianMurphy Thu 10-Nov-16 07:25:00

Hi, in my experience your best bet is to see an IBCLC in your area for a full assessment. They are the breastfeeding specialists and should provide you with a clear plan

In the meantime, this is a good blog on reflux and breastfeeding:
Hope this helps.

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