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waterjungle Wed 02-Nov-16 14:55:21

I have a 4.5 month old, he's my first child and lush in every way. Currently going through a sleep regression I'm guessing, waking us up with leg slamming at 6/7 times a night in addition to feeding. He wakes "properly" for the day around 6:30 / 7.

I normally play with him a little, change him get myself fed. I am mix feeding but give him boob every morning - snuggles and sleepy eats, and sleepy eats and sleeeepppyyyy eaaattssss.

I normally wake him after about 1.5 hours and he doesn't mind, he's all smiles. Today I decided to see how long this would go for if I didn't wake him up. He dozed and fed from 9am - 12. I'm not complaining as it gives me a chance to do that half sleeping, zoning out breast feeding thing and rest a bit, I just have a nagging feeling I'm being lazy and and should be "doing" something.

It's not helped when DH starts to "suggest" things to do e.g "it's a lovely day you should wake him and go for a walk". DM has said "oh aren't you up and about yet?" I feel like they are hinting I'm lazy, but this isn't an every day thing maybe twice a week. I do make sure I go out everyday with him in the pram for at least an hour. I also do baby sensory classes with him. Am I just being sensitive and hormonal? Or am i a lazy shitty mum?

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JohnLapsleyParlabane Wed 02-Nov-16 14:57:06

You sound like a great mum. I wish my toddler was still like that!

Flingmoo Wed 02-Nov-16 15:00:31

Normal! At that point I almost always lazed around in bed with baby for half the day, making up for lost night-time sleep! I'd bring our son into bed and hardly ever got out of bed before 10am. You are doing plenty. Ignore them, just enjoy your baby, take it slow, there will be plenty of time for rushing around during the toddler and school years. A 4 month old can't exactly appreciate a full schedule of baby activities and at that age they're probably happier at home cuddled up with a boob than they would be getting bundled into a car seat at 8am for trips out!

Rumtopf Wed 02-Nov-16 15:03:17

It sounds delightful!
If your baby is happy and so are you then ignore the naysayers.

As long as you're getting out and about at some point I really shouldn't think about it.

waterjungle Wed 02-Nov-16 20:20:10

Thanks all - you've made me feel a lot better. I come from a huge family of "doers" that are always on the go. Any time sat still is almost seen as wasted. All previous family babies have been bottle fed and fitted into hectic schedules. I feel reassured xxx

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Foxley11 Wed 02-Nov-16 20:28:28

My boy is also 4.5 months old, and is formula fed. I'd kill for a lazy, quiet morning as you describe! Mine wakes around 7am (after his usual "I can't sleep on my own any longer, you must rock me!" from around 5am), has his breakfast bottle at about 7.30am, then has his first nap about 9am ish. Up again at 9.30am, awake until 11.30am (we usually go out for this period). Lunch bottle at 12pm, next nap about 1.30pm which I have to hold him for and try to re-settle him for a two hour nap otherwise he gets cranky in the afternoon. This two hours awake, 30 minutes napping routine continues all day unless interrupted by a nap in the car seat or pushchair. When he's awake he's very awake, demanding to be entertained!
Ignore the comments and make the most of it! smile

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