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Weekend away from BF toddler

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lullaby23 Sun 30-Oct-16 02:57:11

DS is 18 months and I am going to a wedding overseas next weekend and it will be the first time I've been away from him over night. He usually BFs twice a day for 15/20 mins at a time.

I know he will be fine with DH and will take a little bit of cows milk from a cup and eats well but I'm wondering whether it's likely I will get engorged from missing 5 feeds? I am leaving after his bed time on Friday and will get back for his bedtime on Monday.

I packed up all my expressing kit long ago as he stopped taking a bottle at 4 months but is it worth picking up a manual pump just in case?

Thanks in advance.

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lullaby23 Sun 30-Oct-16 03:00:52

Forgot to mention I am also 10 weeks pregnant with DC2.

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womaninatightspot Sun 30-Oct-16 03:26:32

I was in a similar situation with DS1 and didn't get engorged. The break (three days) did seem to cause milk to dry up. I remember it hurt like a bugger to reestablish feeding but that may have been me/ pregnancy sore boobs etc. In the same situation I'd probably of hand expressed in the shower morning and night to keep milk supplies up.

5madthings Sun 30-Oct-16 03:40:10

When I went away at this stage of bfeeding also pregnant I hand expressed just to relieve discomfort.

lullaby23 Mon 31-Oct-16 09:59:40

Thanks both!

Yes I am a bit concerned my milk might be drying up soon anyway, I wouldn't mind DS weaning but I think he would have other ideas.

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