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Any ladies here use infarcol?

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butterfly92 Wed 26-Oct-16 20:03:01

For the last three nights my son has been screaming the place down at 2 in the morning and would wake up from his sleep crying and screaming arching his back clenched fists, etc. I asked my midwife and she said either infarcol or cool boiled water. I got infarcol and just given him 0.5ml as per instructions before giving him his milk , afterwards he started withering in pain like trapped wind but then 15 mins later we lay him down and he is more relaxed now.. fingers crossed!! Does infarcol reduce gas or help them let it out?? Haven't heard him burp or fart yet.. was really worried about giving him medicine because I hate taking or giving them but I literally had to do something sad thanks

westeringhome Wed 26-Oct-16 21:45:38

Hi, I used Infacol years ago for my 20yr old son and it worked really well. As far as I understand, it helps babies bring up their wind rather than reduce/prevent it. The active ingredient is supposed to help little bubbles of trapped air join up into bigger bubbles which are easier to burp up. I found it very effective for my eldest son who was very windy, but my health visitor said it may take a wee while to build up in their system before you see the effects. I was using it again a few weeks ago for my 7 week old daughter but it turns out she has silent reflux. I hope your son improves soon as it is difficult to see them in pain.

AndIAskMyself Thu 27-Oct-16 04:56:01

I use this for my son as he used to writhe in pain from trapped wind at night. As I understand it, Infacol is completely safe to give before every feed as it isn't digested (or something like that), but it helps to make all the smaller bubbles or air easier to pass. It has really helped for my son, but I had to be consistent with it. Now he sleeps quite soundly.

AmeliaJack Thu 27-Oct-16 05:07:17

We used Infacol for our twins who both had bad colic.

It did seem to make a difference with no ill effects.

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