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Feel like a crap mother

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butterfly92 Wed 26-Oct-16 10:39:39

God im so so fed up already!! My son is a week old and i cannot even feed him or make him comfortable!! I used to make up his bottles and put them in the fridge and heat up/feed on demand. I have got a perfect prep machine and ive noticed he is getting more gassy and uncomfortable and unsettled!! Im worried i may be hurting him :'(
I cleaned the machine out thoroughly, done a deep clean cycle and change the filter so it is in a clean condition (i got it second hand). Last night he would have this piercing scream like gas was building inside him and not able to escape! Can the machine cause this? What if ive hurt him? I am really depressed and getting stressed right now :'(

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SpeakNoWords Wed 26-Oct-16 10:52:04

I think what you describe is totally normal for tiny babies. They are often very uncomfortable digesting, no matter what you do. So you're not a bad mother, unless we all are! Have you tried gentle massage on his tummy, and also bicycling his legs which can help release trapped wind. "Tiger in the tree" hold can also help.

Their digestive systems are totally new and not used to digesting milk, so they will be squirmy and uncomfortable until they get used to the sensations.

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