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Very hungry baby

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RLG87 Tue 25-Oct-16 08:35:29

Already posted in the behaviour section, but then realised this might be more appropriate! My three week old little girl is combination fed, but for various reasons at the moment mainly formula fed. She is always hungry. I feed her, but often within half an hour she is hungry again. I don't mind doing all the feeds, but I worry she is having too much as often I am formula feeding her hourly for periods of the day. She is a big baby but I'm pretty sure she gets more than she should each day although it's hard to measure because we do a few breastfeeds. My health visitor said you can't really overfeed a newborn because they tend to spit it back up if they have too much, but I am still a bit worried about us getting into bad habits, or giving her reflux (she is a bit unsettled sometimes, and I do wander if it is reflux). She doesn't really spit much back up though.

Sometimes if she is giving me loads of feeding cues I can distract her by rocking her to sleep, or taking her out in the pram and she'll then go on to sleep for several hours without eating making me think she is actually tired but due to her young age is confused and giving me hunger cues. But other times I'll try to soothe her without just feeding her, but it doesn't work and she ends up screaming because I have ignored hunger cues. I end up feeling like a lazy parent, just giving her the bottle because she is crying, but she is giving me all of the hunger cues.

All the advice seems to be to feed early before they are crying, but if I always did that she would be constantly eating, but I do feel so guilty when she ends up screaming even though I struggle to believe she can actually still be hungry.

April2013 Tue 25-Oct-16 10:20:25

Is there an infant feeding team in your area? They may be able to help, also try NCT breastfeeding helpline, they are very helpful.

Kmxxx14 Tue 25-Oct-16 13:18:49

Don't know if it is different with formula but my Daughter can eat hourly but she is BF. I often think there no way she can be hungry & she is piling on the weight but every health professional congratulates me on her weight gain & I think it's healthy so I wouldn't worry too much especially about being a lazy parent. Her tummy is so small, they're growing so quick that they need to be fed often. I would just follow her lead.

GummyGoddess Tue 25-Oct-16 15:45:16

My NCT notes say they go through their first growth spurt at about three weeks. Mine was three weeks yesterday and he's been eating huge amounts since Saturday, I've just fed him whenever he wants and as much as he wants.

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