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Milk supply and pumping - worried

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Artiepants Thu 20-Oct-16 09:42:27

My nearly 4 month old DD is exclusively breast fed. Tried introducing a bottle of formula a few weeks ago to no avail - she point blank refused.

She has recently started waking every 2 hours at night as opposed to every 3 or 4 hours. I don't think I have a great supply of milk - she always seems like she would like more after a feed but then settles. I have a fast and short let down and she then doesn't like to have to work for the hind milk. Feeds are as a result very short and I worry she is not getting enough of the rich milk to fill her up and put on weight. She is not a chubby baby. I have two other DD and feeding experiences where the same. I introduced mixed feeding at this stage with my 2nd DD for this reason.

Any advice?

I wondered whether to try fenugreek to increase supply? I just tried pumping but only got an oz - I know a baby can get more at a feed but I am not sure she is....hence increased night hunger.

Regarding the pumping - I hate trying to fit it in and worry it will 'use up' a valuable feed - I know it works on supply and demand but my supply is in question...

Sorry for rambling - I am feeling very stressed about it - so any advice welcome.

deuscat Fri 21-Oct-16 21:57:57

This could all be due to the 4 month sleep regression? Also it's around that age that babies become more interested in the world around them and feed for less time. They can also get more efficient with feeding. If she is gaining weight and is generally fit and well then I would say this is a phase and it will pass.

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