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Cracked nipples

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Cinnamon84 Wed 19-Oct-16 19:54:06

I've got really deep cracks in one of my nipples from an initially poor latch due to tongue tie. Using nipple shields now and pain isn't as bad at 9 weeks but I'm wondering if my nipple will ever heal. I'm constantly applying lansinoh but I don't know if they are permanently ruined from the early days and not using the cream enough then?

Tumtitum Fri 21-Oct-16 09:32:18

Maybe go to see a lactation consultant? I had cracked nipples from a tongue tie and they weren't healing and it turned out I had thrush. I know you're using lansinoh but have you tried the moist healing dressings? Think they're called jelonet? Lots of women swear by them

user1471457075 Wed 26-Oct-16 19:57:21

You poor thing, I hope something works soon!

Here's my experience...

My right nipple took about 12 weeks to heal with DS2. He had his tongue tie snipped at 3 weeks. I had a crack with a right angle in it, so it was difficult to find a comfortable position to feed in, as one or other of the "legs" of the crack would always end up reopening. Initially I used lots of lanisoh as well as those cooling moist wound pads (can't remember their name, sorry!) and then I tried jelonet, which I found a bit of a faff and also made me itch... In the end though - and in despair - I gave up on cream/dressings and just went for lots of air drying and a bit of breast milk. This seemed to work the best for was April/May though so a bit warmer then...

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