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Relactation for 5 month old

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insideout Wed 19-Oct-16 18:00:23

Hi, not sure if anyone has any advice but I am considering relactation for my son.

He was born at 34 weeks gestation and is now 5 months old ( but 3.5months adjusted) I had PE with partial HELLP and was advised to stick with ff as he was gavage fed originally.

So, I am leaking milk! Ds was crying earlier and I ended up with small patches on my top (was a bit surprised but my boobs have been uncomfortable for a week or two).

We are almost at the point of switching off nutriprem 2 to regular formula and DH just said why not give it a try ? It really disappointed me not to be able to breastfeed and realistically I doubt I will increase my supply to stop formula feed altogether, but surely some is better than none?

Has anyone got any experience? Have been googling which is full of very cheery relactation stories but is it actually possible?


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ispymincepie Wed 19-Oct-16 19:48:43

It is possible and with pumping every 2-3hrs you can get your supply back. The biggest difficulty (which I am facing) is latch refusal. Lots of skin to skin, co-bathing etc can help but it's a massive undertaking with limited chance of success. Maybe worth seeing how your baby responds and even if you only pump a few times it's breastmilk he wouldn't otherwise have had?

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