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Want/need to stop breastfeeding overnight, advice please!

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Nottalotta Mon 17-Oct-16 19:54:43

Ds is 14 months old, still bf at nighttime wakings and first thing in the morning. We have arrived here naturally though I did start offering cows milk at bedtime, which he took 3-4 days to decide he preferred to bf.

So, I'm pregnant again and really need to stop these night feeds. We had got down to one at around 2-3 am but recently it's ramped up and last night was ridiculous. We semi Co sleep (after his wake up) but I had managed to stop that when he was waking once (bf back to sleep, back in cot)

However, last night he woke at 9pm and I was so knackered I just brought him into bed where he proceeded to comfort feed most of the night. He stirs, rolls to me looking for a nipple. If I don't oblige he wakes up and doesn't resettle. So I take the easy route.

Any advice on how to proceed with stopping this?

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