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Please help! I'm so sore 😪

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Hatade16 Sat 15-Oct-16 15:23:46

Baby is 12 weeks old. Hasn't fed in a week. She's combi fed so bad completely refused breast. No issues before this at all! I'm so engorged it's untrue. I have lumps in my breast that's sore and I'm scared I'm going to get mastitis. Iv tried hand expressing and I get a few droplets, Iv tried my madela swing but nothing! Not even droplets. I feel like it's not sucking hard enough on my nipple 🙈 Iv even tried buying a smaller flange, nothing!

Iv tried everything to feed dd, in the bath, shower, dangle feeding, skin to skin, all sorts! She seems to do the bobble head thing around my boobs, as soon as the nipple goes near her she screams and gets hysterical and won't even put the nipple in her mouth! Iv just tried feeding her while she's asleep and she's clamped her mouth shut, managed to get the tip in and she pushed It out and moved away.

I don't know what to do! 😪

DesignedForLife Sun 16-Oct-16 19:06:01

Get in a hot shower and use a flannel to massage loads, then try expressing a bit. Have you turned up the setting on your pump? also If you are seriously engorged it might not be creating a proper seal around the nipple - massaging as above should help.

If you want to carry on feeding then there is some great advice here:

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