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EBF baby sick after formula feed

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Liskee Thu 13-Oct-16 03:53:51

DS2 is 14 weeks. He's been pretty much EBF until now save for 4 separate occasions when he's been given a small amount of formula as a replacement feed. Once was during the day when I had a hospital appointment he couldn't come to. After this feed he suffered no ill effects. The other 3 times were last thing at night. Twice he vomited everywhere within an hour of taking a couple of ounces. He was very snuffly and clingy after. I worried that maybe we'd overfed him on these 2 occasions. Tonight he had a very small amount, less than an ounce, and seemed fine (I have an appointment tomorrow evening and was hoping he could take formula as he can't come with me to the meeting). He just woke up for a night feed. Breastfed him as usual, changed his nappy, and bleurgh, he's vomited everywhere. He smiled afterwards so not the shocked reaction of last time but he never vomits like that after feeding normally so it has to be the formula right?

I really struggle to express milk, and DS1 was FF, so I have no issues with using it as an alternative. But obviously if it causes that reaction it's not going to be an alternative? I hadn't planned on breastfeeding much beyond 6 months but that's going to be an issue if it continues to result in vomiting.

Any suggestions as to why he's vomiting and any suggestions? Just to add he's sleeping Jenny arms right now and sounds a tiny bit rattly/snuffly in his nose. I'm not jumping to the conclusion of a dairy intolerance, especially as he's not got an issue with it through my milk, but I suppose that could be a possibility...?

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Liskee Thu 13-Oct-16 03:55:32

Excuse typos in last paragraph!! Tired mummy smile

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freewheezy Thu 13-Oct-16 04:52:12

This happened with my dd. We tried formula around 4 weeks because I was having to exclusively express and I was a mess. She was sick for 24 hours after. Not 'normal' sick-like projectile vomit. I felt awful sad we tried just 1 oz a month later and the same thing happened. We tried lactose free formula a few weeks later and she was less sick with that but still sick. She's now 17 weeks and we tried the normal (not lactose free) formula a few days ago (1oz, then 2oz the next day) and she wasn't sick! Then my (lovely) MIL (really not bashing, she was just a bit silly considering she knew all of this!) gave her 5oz while we were out for a few hours and she was a bit sicky and took a day or so to poo and was in a bit of pain for a few days. So (sorry long post) I don't know if it's a lactose intolerance because unless your diet is dairy free it would be an issue all the time. I think it's just maybe some babies get used to the very easy to digest breast milk and struggle when formula is added until they get a bit older. I went to the gp and their advice (more than one) was to 'just bf' her hmm which was silly because at the time I told them how difficult I was finding it. Thankfully it's clicked now. So I don't know if your gp would be any help but you could always try. (HVs were the same). But I think it's just that you might have to wait unfortunately. Maybe at 6 months when you start weaning he'll be more up to it and you can slowly introduce the formula. Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will be along soon, just wanted to let you know you and your poor ds aren't alone in this smile good luck.

Liskee Thu 13-Oct-16 14:54:57

Thank you so much for your message. I think I've pretty much come to the conclusion that it's because he's not used to the formula and I really need to decide if it's worth perservering with small amounts to get him used to it or if that'll just be too traumatic...probably more for me than him! Long term I'll be returning to work so that could be an issue, but maybe once we start weaning at 6 months it'll all be a bit easier for him to cope with. Thanks again for posting smile

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Chchchchangeabout Thu 13-Oct-16 15:04:09

It could be cmpi (cows milk protein intolerance). If so there are special formulas you can get but v expensive and taste disgusting so can be hard to get baby to eat.

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