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Is my routine enough

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thenoisytimetravelstudent Mon 10-Oct-16 05:58:23

Hi all, this is the routine dd2 is currently following. She is 6mths and doing well, I'm just not sure if she should be getting snacks or not.

6am 7oz bottle
7am breakfast of porridge/fruit & yogurt/ scrambled egg

12 lunch - banana/ veggies/ scrambled egg & toast/ water to drink
1 7oz bottle

5pm dinner - baby friendly mashed up version of whatever we have
6pm last 7oz bottle of day

Of to bed at 7pm!

Mid morning she can sometimes be a bit unsettled and I was wondering if she was hungry. I tried giving her a triangle of toast to eat/mess with and it has seemed enough but am curious as to what you think!

Cindy34 Mon 10-Oct-16 06:25:03

At around 9:30/10 I would offer milk or water, and some sort of snack - rusk, bread stick, veg stick.

thenoisytimetravelstudent Mon 10-Oct-16 07:18:10

Thanks smile

StrawberryQuik Mon 10-Oct-16 07:33:33

Is she still having 500-600ml of milk a day? (Sorry I get confused with oz)

If her bottles come up to less than that I'd offer a bit of milk instead of water at morning snack time just to make sure she's getting enough milk in the day.

thenoisytimetravelstudent Mon 10-Oct-16 08:49:53

If she drinks all her bottles it's 630ml a day

seri0usly Mon 10-Oct-16 12:46:42

Do you give the 7oz bottle right after each meal? My LO would be sick if I did that but I was advised to do it this way. It's so confusing to know what's the right thing to do.

thenoisytimetravelstudent Mon 10-Oct-16 18:11:49

No I try to leave an hour between the two but I'm sure she is busted! Tonight I made lasagne that would be baby friendly and she's spitting her bottle out. Her wee tummy is probably full up on pasta! She normally eats a good tea but is ready for the bottle at breakfast and lunch lol she gets excited to see it coming!

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