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Expressing & Breast

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user1475784677 Thu 06-Oct-16 21:22:41

I have been expressing milk now for 6 weeks along with the occasional direct feed but I'm exhausted! I want to get baby to latch more so I can express less, the issue I have is that he will only latch with a nipple shield (flat nipples) and doesn't seem to drink as much on breast compared to bottle. Anyone else experienced a similar thing or have any advice/support?

dollydaydream84 Fri 07-Oct-16 08:27:59

Yes this was exactly me. You have no way of knowing what they are taking on the breast. You need to watch for them swallowing more than sucking to be sure they are drinking milk and not just sucking. All I can say is it will get easier with Time around 9 weeks DD just suddenly got better at feeding and can now take a full breast in about 10 minutes. As babies get stronger at feeding it just gets easier. I think I'm saying hang in there! I still double pump in the mornings and evenings but feed myself through the afternoon and night time now. I'm so glad I persevered as the night feeds are a doddle, literally less than ten mins and back to sleep. I'm over 15 weeks now, expressing is hard going, well done for getting this far x

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