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milk is caramel coloured **warning photo :o *

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thearty1 Thu 06-Oct-16 17:29:05

Today is day 8 since DS was born. I've been struggling to BF, and DS was re admitted into hospital on day 4 as he was becoming dehydrated, jaundiced, temperature dropping, lethargy etc and had crystals coming out instead of urine. The Dr's immediately put him onto formula, and all the problems quickly reversed.
I tried to express whilst he was in hospital, but produced virtually nothing.

Once home I tried to establish BF again, topping up with formula afterwards. He is feeding every 3 hours, and I put him onto the breast for about 40 minutes (20 min each side) at each feed before giving formula. He then typically drinks 70ml formula in each session.

I am also expressing (well, trying to). I am pumping for 20 minutes on each side, and in total I only produce about 25ml. The milk is a caramel colour.
I've looked on Google re, unusual colours but I can't find anything relevant to this caramel colour.

I've got a midwife appt in 3 days, but in the meantime is anyone able to tell me if this is normal or not. Thanks.

TheCaptainsCat Thu 06-Oct-16 21:12:38

Hmmm, that looks like colostrum. Have you been producing white 'milk looking' milk at all OP?

Doublemint Thu 06-Oct-16 21:15:21

It's colostrum, try not to worry. Can you get to any breastfeeding support groups before your midwife appointment? Is there a feeding clinic at the hospital?

FruitCider Thu 06-Oct-16 21:23:21

It's colostrum. You said day 8? Did you have a section? That's very late to be producing colostrum. The good news is your baby doesn't need a lot of it!

TheCaptainsCat Thu 06-Oct-16 21:23:27

Yes, don't worry - colostrum is basically the first milk you make before it starts to look like you would expect milk to look. It's made in smaller quantities than the 'mature milk' you make later. Usually colostrum turns to mature milk from around day 4/5 onwards, so day 8 is later than average, but not that uncommon, especially if you have had a C section. If I were you I would contact the hospital/feeding team for advice on topping up etc, but don't despair, you should be producing much more milk soon! La Leche League helpline are helpful too, as is the website Kellymom.

tiktok Thu 06-Oct-16 22:51:19

Yes, it's colostrum. But you do need help turning this round. You need a plan to reduce the formula and get BF going well. Good luck.

ispymincepie Sat 08-Oct-16 20:24:41

Oh this story sounds just like mine and my ds started refusing the breast altogether. 5 months later I'm still pumping, don't end up like me! Call a breastfeeding councillor asap, I so wish I had proper help sooner. Good Luck!

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