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Two week old gulping air at the breast

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IsThisYourSanderling Thu 06-Oct-16 17:00:27

How can we stop him? He's suffering terribly with trapped wind now, can barely be put down at all, and i suspect it's down to him taking in air while suckling. I thought we had a great latch, until a few days ago sad He's a noisy feeder now

IsThisYourSanderling Thu 06-Oct-16 17:26:50

Also, this problem has come straight on top of a big posseting problem. It seems when he gasps and gulps air, he gets awful trapped wind, and when he doesn't (as now, he's currently latched on) he immediately voms. It feels do impossible. I've had almost no sleep since he was born. He was a contented little chap until this wind problem started. It's really hard to get a burp out of him even though he's full of wind sad

Orsono Fri 07-Oct-16 10:28:25

My DS did this as a newborn, it's really tough I know. He's now 4 months and has completely grown out of it though. The first thing I would try is going to a breastfeeding support group if you can and getting them to check your latch. A small adjustment could make a big difference. You could also ask them to check him for tongue tie, ss this can cause gulping. The other thing that can cause gulping and spluttering is a fast let down. When he starts gulping, if you take him off the breast, do you see milk squinting out? If so, you could try taking him off and catching it in a muslin until the flow slows down. I'm pretty sure that this last thing is what the issue was for us, and it sorted itself out as he got bigger.

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