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Feeding at night

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wherewhere Tue 04-Oct-16 14:35:58

DD, 7 months, has suddenly started breast feeding absolutely LOADS at night (after I managed to get her down to one night feed only - lasted only a week sad ), and feeding hardly at all during the day.

She'll feed for two or three minutes only in the daytime, even if we're home with no distraction.

She then makes up for it at night by feeding at least hourly - even if she feeds a lot just before falling asleep.

I tried to introduce one or two formula feeds, but she simply refuses. She eats solids well - quite a lot, in fact.

Why is this happening?! How do I change things?

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tiktok Tue 04-Oct-16 17:53:31

This is an annoying but temporary developmental phase smile
The explanation is (probably - 'cos no proof!) that these short daytime feeds are so quick because she is 'programmed' to learn and be involved and to be awake to allow this to happen....but she is still fairly needy in terms of food and sucking time.

So the answer is to wake and feed in the night.

Babies - we know - do not learn/develop in a linear, regular fashion. They have periods of intense developement, which then ease off.

I don't honestly think there is any strategy to deal with it, apart from going with the flow, and accepting that it will be over soon.

wherewhere Tue 04-Oct-16 18:26:23

I suspected this might be the case. But I am an eternal optimist who has a slight hope that someone might post " oh yes, all you have to do is xyz and it's easy after that!". First child was even worse in terms of sleeping, so I ought to know by now.

Thanks tiktok - always good to be reassured smile

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