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Readtbrek - yay or nay?

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JudgyMcJudgypants Sun 02-Oct-16 18:45:28

Is it good or bad for a 2 year olds supper before bed?

Randytortoise Sun 02-Oct-16 18:47:34

My 2 yr old ds eats porridge for lunch and supper, rarely breakfast. I don't bother with readybrek just use normal porridge oats as it only takes 5 min.

ShowOfHands Sun 02-Oct-16 18:47:34

Absolutely fine. I used oats and made porridge but there's nothing wrong with ready brek if they are hungry and need something filling.

guiltynetter Sun 02-Oct-16 18:49:34

I think it's fine! no sugar or salt in it and it's filling if you need a supper x

Poocatcherchampion Sun 02-Oct-16 18:51:26

I bought it the other day for the first time in years and it is totally vile! My 3 yo is the only one who will touch it - the baby and the four yo agree with me.

But the ingredients list looked ok to me
We are back to normal oats.

fruitpastille Sun 02-Oct-16 18:56:58

Supermarket instant oats are the same but cheaper. I think it tastes better made in a pan so it gets stirred/cooked a bit more. Otherwise it can be a bit powdery tasting.

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