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Questions about Infant Gaviscon!

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OhWhatAPalaver Sun 02-Oct-16 07:03:52

So this is my 3rd post here this week! We have now been given infant gavisgon, dd has been in so much pain and what with the vinegary breath we went to the walk in centre. Dr couldn't see any signs of infection or thrush in her mouth so says it's probably reflux. He said to start off with just half a sachet, which was a bit awkward to mix, so we just made up one sachet and gave her half of it in a syringe mid breast feed.
Has anyone found any better ways of administering it? Is it easier / more effective to mix it with expressed milk? Half a sachet only seemed to help for a couple of hours, shall we use a full one and see how she goes? She's over 10lb now. How effective have people found it to be? I'm really hoping it works, I need sleep so badly... Advice greatly appreciated x

sarahbanshee Sun 02-Oct-16 09:51:41

Long time ago now (my reflux baby has just turned 8!) but we found it much easier to mix with expressed milk or formula and give in a bottle than in a syringe. He was skinny with terrible weight gain so we were topping up with formula from about 9 weeks anyway, so just gave the Gaviscon in that. We used a full sachet from the beginning and went up to two quite quickly - it's not a pharmaceutical so you can vary the dose to see what your baby needs much more readily than you would want to do for an actual medication.

For us it was helpful, but only when he started on ranitidine as well did we see a real improvement in the pain and screaming. Gaviscon helps keep the milk down, but it does nothing to soothe the pain nor to reduce the acid. But depending on how bad your baby is and what the main symptoms are it can help, and we had to give it a go before we could go back and seek a prescription for ranitidine (which is a pharmaceutical so understandably only prescribed when really necessary).

I recall the Gaviscon also made his poo like playdough - that's normal so don't be alarmed!

OhWhatAPalaver Wed 05-Oct-16 09:15:40

Thanks, we will try it in a bottle and see what happens. We tried colief in a bottle and she wouldn't touch it! She's a bit fussy with bottles sometimes anyway.
Incidentally she's been a bit better these last couple of days. I've been trying to stick to a relatively inoffensive diet so I'm not exacerbating the problem. Still getting episodes of back arching etc but they seem less often and she's been 'happy puking' more often too 😊

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