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Nine months exclusive expressing

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Throughautomaticdoors Sat 01-Oct-16 11:36:50

And that's it. Overnight my supply has gone. I was getting about 26oz a day. Now about 6oz. What on earth has happened?!

tiktok Sat 01-Oct-16 11:41:55

This can happen and it can happen suddenly with expressing. It's likely you have been expressing a bit less as your baby will have more solids yes? Perhaps you are due a period ( when supply can take a temporary dip) or even that you are pg?

You can restore better out put by upping the frequency of expressing if you find you don't get it back in a few days.

Hope this helps.

Throughautomaticdoors Sat 01-Oct-16 11:43:26

No I've still been expressing every 4 hours. I haven't stopped at all. I cant understand it. I'm so upset

Trulymadlymotherly Sat 01-Oct-16 11:44:11

I have no advice but I just wanted to say you are amazing. I couldn't have done this.

MrsMogginsMinge Sat 01-Oct-16 11:55:50

I was BFing with the occasional pump but I suddenly became unable to express at about 9 months. Could only produce the merest drop. DS had upped his solids and dropped his last night feed (hallelujah). If I wasn't there he had to have formula. Sorry that's not much help, but I think it's fairly normal. Same happened to a friend who was back at work. It might be periods returning, so give it a week or so to see if things improve.

If you've exclusively expressed for 9 months then you are a fucking super hero. You've done more then enough. If that's it, you can retire your pump with pride.

VimFuego101 Sat 01-Oct-16 11:57:27

Agree, it's a phenomenal achievement. I EEd for 6 weeks and it nearly killed me. Whatever happens from here, you've done amazingly.

Throughautomaticdoors Sat 01-Oct-16 16:01:27

I keep thinking it'll come back but it sounds like that might be it??
I wanted so badly to get her to a year.

Stevefromstevenage Sat 01-Oct-16 16:03:34

I was thinking the same about your cycle. It may well come back up. Have you tried power pumping it always bolstered my supply?

Nine months exclusive pumping, you are absolutely fantastic. I did a month on DD2 and I hated every second.

tiktok Sat 01-Oct-16 21:09:30

Ok, what about the other two possibilities I suggested?

reallyanotherone Sat 01-Oct-16 21:17:27

Jesus expressing for 9 months. I can't decide whether you need committing or worshipping smile.

That is some achievement.

Throughautomaticdoors Sat 01-Oct-16 23:06:34

Well I'm definitely not pregnant (never ever ever ever again. Ever)
My cycles are random at the moment but other months haven't caused a dip.

I hope the milk comes back! I thought there might be a gradual decline but this is ridiculous!

ispymincepie Wed 12-Oct-16 21:44:35

I'm exclusively pumping. 'Only' 5 months so far. Top reasons I have dips in supply are-forgetting to take my domperidone or fenugreek, not drinking enough, a blocked duct which I don't always notice straight away just the breast doesn't empty and my pump not working optimally ie, filter or valve need changing. Very well done on getting to 9 months and even 6oz a day from now on will be great.

Throughautomaticdoors Wed 12-Oct-16 22:18:27

My supply came back! I'm back up to 26-30oz a day.

Pointeshoes Thu 13-Oct-16 09:31:33

So happy it came back for you - do you know what caused it? I'm expressing for twins who are 4 months (nine months is amazing btw!!) I'm taking fenugreek tablets to try and keep supply up and drinking lots of water - no one I know expresses 24 /7 sometimes it feels like I'm on my own doing this!

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