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4 weeks old, bottle feeding timing

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letthefunbegin Fri 30-Sep-16 17:10:58

Am looking for some advice about the timing of feeds for my 4 week old dd. At the moment, although we feed on demand, she pretty much has 4oz at 7.30am, around 10 -11, 1 -2, 5.00, 7 30pm, midnight and 4am. This seems to be working well all round. I'm looking forward to the day when we only do one feed overnight but know that she is still very little and happy to wait it out. According to the formula box, the recommended amount from 4 weeks is 5oz 5 -6 times. I'm wondering whether this is the time to increase the amount but reduce the number of feeds, maybe working toward losing a night feed. But the routine is working really well and I don't want to mess that up. Any advice?

FuzzyOwl Fri 30-Sep-16 17:15:14

At four weeks old I think you should be following her cues for a while yet. If your DD is finishing all of her bottles, then I would add another oz to them but not intentionally drop a feed - she will do that herself when she is ready.

BlurtonOnKites4eva Fri 30-Sep-16 17:16:58

I'd just continue to feed on demand. I wouldn't pay attention to the amounts on the box, they always seemed to suggest much larger feeds than what we were actually using. You can try making up bigger bottles, but I don't think it's advised to do anything to force them to drink it eg, rotating bottle in mouth, tapping on it. If DD was completely finishing the bottles for a day or so, then we would start making up an ounce bigger in future.

BlurtonOnKites4eva Fri 30-Sep-16 17:18:32

I think we were still doing 4 ounce bottles about 8 times a day at 4 weeks.

comeagainforbigfudge Fri 30-Sep-16 17:23:49

We formula feed and did more or less what you did.

Although, tbh, we started feeding on dememd and DD just gradually feel into her own routine. We didnt really follow the box tbh. Our my policy was if she was consistently draining each bottle we added another ounce.

She dropped the night feed herself.

My advice would be to not worry just now. The box does suggest amounts but each baby is different obviously, just stick to your current plan. Baby will soon let you know if she's hungry grin

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