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14mo suddenly eating a lot less??

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FifiFerusha Wed 28-Sep-16 13:47:58


My DS has always been greedy, at one sitting he will get through a big bowl of food, finger food, fruit and a pudding of sorts.CM is shocked at how much he eats but he is very active and not 'fat' as such. . About 50 th centile and in proportion.

Recently he will eat about five spoonfuls of food, suck on finger food and spit it out and turns his nose up at pudding. He pushes the food away as though he doesn't want it. However he would live on those carrot stick crisp things. He isn't waking in the night hungry anymore and admittedly his milk intake has been on the rise. Will take 7oz in the morning( previous about 4) and a whopping 8 oz at night. Breakfast has become pointless as he just doesn't want it. Is this a phase? Anyone else experienced this? I am guessing he will eat if he is hungry but he seems to have gone from one extreme to the other x x

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