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Supply dwindling - can I do anything?

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Throughautomaticdoors Wed 28-Sep-16 05:31:17

After nine months exclusive expressing it seems like my supply is decreasing.
If I express more frequently will it come back? I'm doing every 4 hours atm. If I went to like every 2/3 hours would it build back again or is it too late now?

ChipIn Wed 28-Sep-16 05:59:46

It's not too late. Milk production is supply and demand so the more you pump, the more you will start to produce. You could also try lactation cookies (brewers yeast) or see your gp. They can prescribe motilium (sp.?) here (Aus) which is to help increase supply. I had the same issue when I returned to work but have managed to carry on by pumping more and eating cookies smile

OneForTheRoadThen Wed 28-Sep-16 07:19:16

I'm expressing too OP. I'd be interested to know the answer too as I was hoping to start reducing the number of daily expressings ( my son is 4 months) in preparation for weaning.

Have you tried expressing more frequently at night? I know it's a killer but that's how I increased my supply.

OneForTheRoadThen Wed 28-Sep-16 07:20:22

Meant to add well done for going that long cakestarchocolate it's really hard work

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