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Reflux question

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OhWhatAPalaver Sun 25-Sep-16 09:15:34

How much sick is 'normal'? Dd2 is 14 weeks and seems to be bringing up milk a lot more than some other babies. Sometimes she really struggles with the discomfort and she also gets a lot of wind the other end too. We get through a lot of baby grows, muslins and bibs! Constantly doing washing...
Her weight gain is great, been steadily on 50th centile since birth. She is exclusively breastfed, some occasional latch difficulties but it has improved a great deal and she is still sicky all the time.
Dp has suggested trying the odd bottle of formula but I'm not so sure. I kind of want to try but I'm a bit paranoid about allergies as dd1 had a suspected cows milk allergy when she was a baby. She was nowhere near as refluxy as dd2 though!
Don't really know what else to do to try and lessen the sickyness... Any ideas?

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Penguina Sun 25-Sep-16 20:04:43

I have a 16 week old ds and sounds similar to your dd.

He constantly has a stream of curdled milk coming out his mouth and has given himself a horrible rash around his mouth from rubbing it in with his fists. U thought it had got better but it hasn't.

He is on ranitidine and I am on a dairy free diet which has helped hugely as there is less screaming with it.

My carpets are covered in bm 🙈

I'm just hoping it improves as he starts to sit up etc. We definitely won't be giving any formula and I'm not sure how it would help? It's mainly a laundry problem for us!

OhWhatAPalaver Mon 26-Sep-16 18:37:27

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm veggie so going dairy free means vegan! I'm not a massive dairy eater though... We're not sure if any specific foods ae causing it but I've not eaten eggs for ages and it's no better so I'm guessing it's ok eat eggs again.
Dp suggested trying formula to see how she reacted to it. To sort of determine if it's a latch problems or diet issues. I'm not sure about it yet though!

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