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15 weeks, first feed no nipple shield!!!

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1sttimemama1986 Fri 23-Sep-16 09:34:33

Day 5 was when my LO first latched but only with nipple shield, so to get to this point after sneaking out shield once feeds started is a massive achievement for us!!

Shields recommended due to baby not able to latch not due to sore nipples.

This mornings feed he went straight on nipple and has stayed on!! Doing a dance on my own. YES!

AddictedtoGreys Fri 23-Sep-16 16:49:56

Congrats smileflowers

1sttimemama1986 Sat 24-Sep-16 03:35:13

Thank you! We haven't had the same success since but will keep trying! Xx

Tumtitum Sun 25-Sep-16 18:20:53

Congrats smile I remember weaning off nipple shields, we were on and off them for a week and I'd be really disappointed every time we had to use them again but eventually we got off them and you will too! grin

1sttimemama1986 Sun 25-Sep-16 18:38:15

Thank you. I have felt frustrated ever since the feed when I wrote the post as not had any consistent feeds with no shield. Grrrrr. Will keep going though. Nice to share with others and appreciate the support!

Tumtitum Sun 25-Sep-16 18:46:53

Yes do keep going. I felt very all or nothing about it and gave myself a really hard time about it, but it all worked out ok so I wish I hadn't! I used to try and set myself small goals, like aiming for one feed a day without shields, or at least trying once every few feeds. I remember how frustrating it is flowers

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