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18 month old biting during feeding

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Squidgling Wed 21-Sep-16 20:07:13

Hi, I hope someone has some advice.

My 18 month old still breastfeeds twice a day (once in the morning and once before bed). Tonight I tried to feed her as usual and she bit me. She definitely wanted 'boobie' but thought it was funny to bite. I was actually really scared that she was going to bite really hard but luckily when I said no she did stop. I covered up and said I couldn't feed her if she was going to bite and that made her cry. Waited a few mins, told her she needed to be gentle and not bite and tried again. She did the same thing. She was laughing so thinks it's funny.

I called DP upstairs to have her because it had really upset me to be honest so thought I should move away in case she picked up on my stress, but then decided to try again about 5 mins later with the other side just in case that was the issue. She bit me straight away sad Ended up getting DP to give her a cup of cows milk instead.

Is she trying to tell me that she doesn't want to feed anymore? I am really sad if that's how we are going to stop. Will my boobs be OK? I suffered with mastitis and an abscess when DD was younger so not sure if it's more likely again now?

Are there any tips to get her to stop biting me? It's terrifying to be honest when I feel her start to do it as I worried she would just bite the nipple off! My DM said that normally when you shout at them to stop them don't normally do it again but my DD doesn't seem to be like that as she thinks it's hilarious hmm

Sorry, that's a bit of an essay, but I was really hoping we would be able to carry on until she was 2. We had such a difficult time getting feeding established and then I had multiple lumps, mastitis, abscess a few months in. I hadn't prepared myself mentally for stopping yet sad If anyone has any advice that would be much appreciated.

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Coconut0il Wed 21-Sep-16 22:09:54

Please don't panic OP. DS2 is 12 months and has occasionally done this. I say a firm no and take him off or following advice on here instead of pulling him off I pull him closer into my boob which makes it harder for him to bite.
I wish I had more advice as I know it's so painful when they do it.

Squidgling Thu 22-Sep-16 20:04:38

Well she bit me again this morning when I tried to feed her so I pushed her face into my breast which made her come off and cry sad So she didn't feed last night or this morning. I've tried to offer her the breast several times today and she says no now.

Tonight I tried again and she seems interested, touching the nipple with her finger and putting her mouth near it but then quickly pulls away and says no. I'm not sure what to do, have I scared her or has she weaned herself?

From things I have read I thought that self weaning wasn't normally so abrupt?

Thanks in advance.

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Coconut0il Thu 22-Sep-16 20:41:00

sadReally feel for you Squid. I would just keep offering. If you start to feel full or uncomfortable I would express for now till you work out what's going on.
Hope someone comes along with some good advice.

NEMSparkle Sat 24-Sep-16 04:09:17

Could it be teeth Squid? My 17month DD goes through stages of doing this too and it seems to be related to when she's teething. As previous advise keep offering and express if needed to keep comfortable.

user1466690252 Sat 24-Sep-16 04:17:08

Just let her stop. She clearly wants to and doesnt need it anymore.

Squidgling Sat 24-Sep-16 12:41:11

I wondered if it was teeth but I can't feel any new ones coming through. It's just so strange as she still seems really interested in it but just won't latch on.

I'm not going to force her to carry on if she doesn't want to but it doesn't hurt to offer. This has come completely out of the blue as up until a few days ago she was VERY attached to feeding and liked it for comfort and falling asleep as much as milk so it just seems very strange confused

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