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Does having breastfed change the sensitivity of your breasts?

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Maya8 Thu 10-Jun-04 20:01:36

I stopped breastfeeding 2 weeks ago and wondered how long it will be before my nipples get back to normal. They were ultra tender during pregnancy and the the first few months of feeding. And now though they feel normal I still most of the time I dislike them being touched in a sexual way which I never did before? Has anyone else had this problem and will they go back to normal?

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strangerthanfiction Thu 10-Jun-04 20:32:20

I don't know if there's a physiological basis to this but I feel very differently about my breasts since stopping feeding over 2 months ago. I don't know if I'm less 'sensitive' or if I just can't think of them in the same way any more. We'll see with time I guess ...

Fennel Thu 10-Jun-04 20:48:40

Maya, I was like this, I loved my breasts being touched before having dd1. Then a very painful start to breastfeeding traumatised and desensitized them and I only started getting any pleasurable feelings in them last winter when dd1 was 3.5! It was a long time to lose a major erogenous zone for.

so it did come back, but now I have a new baby and am bf again....

Posey Thu 10-Jun-04 20:59:45

Before children, my boobs were my no.1 eroginous zone. No more! They were very tender during pregnancy, then I bf both children for quite an extended length of time, which kind of made them more their property than dh's IYSWIM.
Sensitivity wise, I don't think they've ever quite returned to the way they were bc but that could partly be in my head. I don't like them as much any more (I used to have big, firm boobs and now they're droopy, saggy and smaller )

Piffleoffagus Thu 10-Jun-04 21:02:22

It took a bit of time after I stopped feeding for them to be sexual again, I fed for 16 mths and only now 3 mths later do they sometimes and only sometimes feel ok, I think a lot of it is psychological, as we are planning another baby, I wonder if my head is not bck "there" yet in a lot fo ways...
DP is just going crackers

Maya8 Thu 10-Jun-04 22:29:06

its nice to know that I'm not some sort of freak or I've gone off my partner, because sometimes its not just no sensation but it actually annoys me not on a pain level but more like a cross between that nails on a chalkboard feeling or someone pinching you.

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Miaou Thu 10-Jun-04 23:13:57

Maybe not what you want to hear, Maya8, but it's over 5 years since I breastfed my youngest and I still feel like that about my nipples! I think the chalkboard analogy describes it perfectly. As for the rest of my boobs - back to normal pretty quick. My mum said the same though - she never regained any feeling in her nipples either. (I hope she isn't reading this )

handlemecarefully Thu 10-Jun-04 23:32:26

Mine went back to normal after stopping breastfeeding my 1st child (am currently still breastfeeding the 2nd). Looks like I'm unusual...however I only breastfed first child for 12 weeks so maybe that has something to do with it.

JanZ Fri 11-Jun-04 09:04:08

Maya8 - I still feel like that and ds is now 3.9 9I fed him until he was 13 months old)! But dh still keeps on "aiming" at them - and has difficulty understanding that it is now actually a major turn OFF whereas before they were my turn ON. And I then get upset at him because I feel he doesn't "respect" me, as I've told him I now find it uncomfortable. He does try to avoid them - but it's like an instinct for him to home in on them.

It doesn't help that if I AM in the mood and if he warms me up in other ways, then I DO start getting some pleasure out of them - but it has to be at MY instigation. It's very confusing for him, poor dear!

I don't mind him fondling my boobs - it's just my nipples that are over-sensitive now (as oopposed to being de-sensitised). I think your analogy of chalk on a blackboard is a good one Maya8 - it's actually uncomfortable/irritating.

suzywong Fri 11-Jun-04 09:08:56

Mine don't really hurt that much anymore when Ds1 accicently stood on one (I was lying down and the are like burlap sacks). That would have brought tears to my eyes when PG with DS2.
I remember when I stopped feeding DS1 I couldn't bear to look at them or go without a bra. As I am still feeding DS2 I just let them sway in the breeze.
Fortunately DH has always been a <ahem>, bottom man.
God knows what I'll do with them once DS2 isn't interested anymore, probably rolle them up and clip them on to my lapels with pegs.

aloha Fri 11-Jun-04 09:11:38

I think it is purely psychological.

Maya8 Fri 11-Jun-04 12:32:45

lol at the lapel pinning.

its funny sometimes I think they are oversensitisised and sometime not enough, maybe its just the wrong sort of sensation.

oh well I hope it returns but its nice to know I'm not alone for some reason.

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cuppy Fri 11-Jun-04 12:45:15

HI Maya8,

I stopped b/f 11 weeks ago and mine kind of feel numb. It weird, I know if they're being touched , but without looking I couldnt tell you whereabouts , if that makes sense. Both me and dp quite sad about it as they used to provide lots of fun, hence the term 'funbags!'

poppyseed Fri 11-Jun-04 13:09:55

Mine are like sag bags with masses of extra skin and slight numbness (nice huh!) Fed DD until 16 months and am hovering on the brink of finishing feeding DS (13months). I have resigned myself to the fact that they will never be the same texture again but at least they are bigger!!

Twinkie Fri 11-Jun-04 13:14:19

My boobs were numb for about 2 years after having DD but are fine now - just in time for them to lose all sensation with DS!!

Bit sad really - DP likes my boobs and I like him liking them - will have to stay away from them once have turned into a frsian!! (Sorry mum if too much info!!)

wilbur Fri 11-Jun-04 13:27:48

I haven't noticed any loss of sensation, despite finding it very painful to breastfeed at first (fine once I got going). While I was preg/bf'ing they were more sensitive certainly, but this went away a month or so after stopping bf'ing.

MammyShirl Fri 11-Jun-04 13:39:47


i breastfed 8 months and my boobs are just as sensitive as before - did i say boobs? more like nipples. i had small breasts before but now i just have nipples. i have always been super sensitive and now i cant bear to touch them, they make me feel queasy.

im looking forward to having another baby for their return, one of the many great things about breastfeeding (for people with no boobs).

pupuce Fri 11-Jun-04 13:41:16

Mine were used on 2 kids.... first for 8 months, second for 19 months... breasts completely like old self now.... they were VERY sensitive at different times in pregnancy and BF.

Bugsy2 Fri 11-Jun-04 14:41:30

I provided breastmilk for both mine: expressed for first and bf second. Stopped about 2 yrs ago and although their general shape has recovered, they are not as "pert" as they were before and my nipples are alot less sensitive than they used to be. I would say that they are not quite the erogenous zone they used to be.

Classy97 Mon 05-Aug-19 04:57:32

Hi all, I saw this thread in my desperate attempt to figure out what happened to the sensation in my breast’s during intimacy after breastfeeding my twin sons nearly a year ago for 14 months! Please, please did anyone’s sensations return?! Thanks a mil!

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