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Help! 18mo biting...time to stop!

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monkey2014 Sat 10-Sep-16 20:46:24

Still bf on waking, bedtime and if wakes at night. Occasionally during the day but not much.
At the end of a feed/ if bored he has started biting - not chomping down, I think he's knows perfectly well it hurts and is testing g so its more like a nip but still blimmin hurts enough to make me shout out. I hate that he's learning cross shouting g from me sad
I don't know if I can teach him not to bite ( at the moment I say no and put him down and we do something else) or if I just go cold turkey. What do you think?

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BertieBotts Sat 10-Sep-16 20:49:28

You can discourage the biting. They quite often go through a phase of it! IME you have to watch very closely and you'll find that you can see little signs just before they do it. When their sucking is slowing down or they stop for a second, mouth shape changes, those were signs I remember. When you know the signs you can stop the feed before they bite and if you like, offer a teething toy or something like that.

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