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Question about ready made formula bottles

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Tumtitum Thu 08-Sep-16 09:59:04

DD is breastfed but now she is weaning I use the odd bottle when we are out and about as she is so distractable she won't really breastfeed anywhere but a boring empty room! I use the small ready made bottles. I know any left in her bottle I have to use within two hours but what if I haven't poured it all out of the bottle? Is it okay in my bag until the next feed or should I be using that within 2 hours too? She is a bit of a snacker and never drinks the whole 200ml. Am out today so any advice appreciated! Thanks :!

HandbagFan Thu 08-Sep-16 10:09:39

I think by the rules once it's open its dead within 2 hours. The big bottles can be kept in the fridge 48 hrs after beinggn opened - so I guess the little ones are ok like this to - but once in your bag and out and about its back to two hours open max.

PotatoBread Thu 08-Sep-16 10:12:42

I think with the small bottles the unpoured stuff can be kept for 24hrs if kept in fridge (or cool bag until you can get to fridge). I use mini bottles of aptimil when out and about and am almost certain it states this on the side of them. Once poured, use within 2 hrs

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