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Sicky 5 month old

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tappitytaptap Mon 05-Sep-16 17:16:35

My DS is 5 months old and has always been a sicky baby, though is very rarely if ever sick after evening/night feeds. It seems to be movement related i.e. if we sit him up or pick him up then he'll often spew. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, often smiling after being sick, and has gained weight well (2nd centile at birth to approx. 75th now). Tonnes of wet and dirty nappies so confident he gets enough milk. This was not so bad when just on milk, we put up with the inconvenience of him being sick on us, bibs and his clothes. It is never huge amounts, just small vomits but can be multiple after a feed. I generally warn people he may be sick before holding him and he almost always wears a bib!
We have just started weaning 3 days ago on veg purees. I was hoping when we were more established with weaning that the sick might settle itself as has happened to a few friends with sicky babies. Obviously at the moment its just little tastes. However now the sick is orange tinted (sweet potato!) and I suspect is going to stain all his clothes/bibs.
I'm wondering whether Infant Gaviscon would help and have some to try from a GP friend or whether we should persevere and hope weaning improves things?
Have not been too bothered before as it is more of a laundry issue but quite honestly getting fed up of the sick and not wanting every item he owns to be covered in orange stains! Anyone got any advice/experience/pearls of wisdom?!?

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