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Mastitis help!

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WeedlesHatOfDisappointment Sat 03-Sep-16 20:20:00

24 hours into a diagnosis of mastitis, and have basically spent the day crying every time I have to feed from that side. I'm feeding, and then expressing for about 10 minutes on the affected boob as well. Should I only feed from the affected boob, and express the one that's ok, or am I ok to keep alternating. I like knowing I have bit of relief coming up, and i don't want the other one to get infected as well.

SleepForTheWeak Sun 04-Sep-16 06:26:34

Poor you weedles, mastitis is horrible sad.

Feed as much as you can from the sore boob, it's the best way to clear the infection. Don't let your other boob get too full though, you could always let baby feed from that side after the first.

Frozen cabbage leaves in bra, cold flannels and painkillers should help. Hopefully you've got someone to help with baby so you can rest too.

Hope you feel better soon

WeedlesHatOfDisappointment Sun 04-Sep-16 10:20:04

Thank you, have honestly never felt so ill! Had a break through with feeding and massaging last night, so hopefully turned a corner. It's opened up all the cracks on that nipple, making it bleed and painful, which was how it was when I first started breastfeeding 3 weeks ago. Hope it will get better soon. I've started expressing before I feed him on the affected one to make it quicker for him to latch on. Still very ouch, but I'm not sobbing in pain, so that's a plus :-)

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