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Timing of expressing and short BF times

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Wobblemum123 Sat 03-Sep-16 14:59:55

Hi, First post so please be nice!

Im a new first time mum to a four and a half week old baby girl. I'm hoping to introduce a bottle feed. I need her to be able to take the bottle as I have psychotherapy once a week and she will be with a childminder for four hours once a week from next week (5 weeks). My HV says its best to give her a bottle a day as she may struggle if its just one feed a week from the bottle. I was hoping therefore to have my DH give her the 11pm feed by bottle (and also get an early night which would be a bonus). My question is when should I express for this bottle..I have had loads of different advice. The HV said I should express when feeding, which I tried but I use both hands to latch DD on as I am rather well endowed boob-wise, and I couldnt figure out how to hold pump and baby. I've also read that I need to pump at the same time as the missed feed (i.e 11pm) to keep up my supply but that means that I wont get any more sleep..(though if this is the only way I'll do it) and I've also read that I should express after a morning feed as I'll have more milk then or that I should express a little after every confused, please help!

I also only seem to feeding for 10-15 minutes and on one side only per feed, she then sleeps for three or so hours and is gaining weight so I haven't been that worried but the more I read in books it seems that she should be feeding for double this - am I over thinking things?

Thanks in advance for the help smile

FirstTimeMummy25 Sun 04-Sep-16 02:25:15

Hi wobble,
Didn't want to just read and run, I'm a first time mum also but wanted to share my experience of pumping with my now 6 month old, I firstly started pumping after the first morning feed every day to build up a freezer stash, then I found one day that it was easier to pump whilst feeding ( I feed DS rugby ball hold to the side of me on pillows) allowing my hands free for pump and I found I got most when he woke up for his 2am feed then I didn't have to think about it again for the rest of the day.
As for pumping at same time as missed feed that's only necessary if you want to keep your supply up for that time and breastfeed again at 11 instead of feed bottle? If that makes sense?
As for the length of feed my DS has always varied sometimes he went through a stage of 1 hour feeds others shorter so as long as plenty of wet and dirty nappies I would go with it.
However like I said I'm no expert just thought I'd share my experiences. Good luck and congratulations

NewlySkinnyMe Sun 04-Sep-16 02:47:57

You are overthinking feed times, yes. If she is sleeping 3 hours between feeds she is getting enough.

As for expressing, don't do it when tou want her to have the bottle - get some rest. How about as soon as she finishes her feed on one side express from the other. You may find that you can only express 1/2 oz at a time so will have to express multiple times for the weekly feed.

Wobblemum123 Tue 06-Sep-16 12:55:08

Thank you for the advice. I expressed in the morning yesterday and went to bed at 9pm and DH did the evening feed, 6 whole hours sleep - magic!!! Agree I was overthinking things, DD seems happy after her feeds so I'm gonna stress less and try and enjoy.

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