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Nicoleta82 Fri 02-Sep-16 14:21:14

My daughter is 4 months, she's having cow&gate to top up the breast milk.
She's pooing every 3-4 days, don't think this is normal .
Shall I change the formula?
Also doesn't eat much maibe because of not pooing every day.

Anyone have same problems?smile

londonrach Sun 04-Sep-16 06:59:30

Talk to your hv. Had similar poo problem but my hv said as long as baby went every 48 hours and had a soft tummy not to worry. She also suggested giving a few sips of cooled boiled water. She stressed how important it was only a few sips not a bottle. Also to cycle the legs. She did mention something about changing formula but only after trying the other bits first then if still a problem to come back to her and then we look at the other formula on the market. Luckily the water and cycling the legs mostly seem to work. We not gone longer than 48 hours yet! (Come close). My dd not on cow and gate. I know hv not keen on changing formula. Talk to her or him.

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