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3 week old dirty nappy after every formula feed, normal? Warning image !

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Annie105 Tue 30-Aug-16 16:06:45

Hi all I've been formula feeding for the last 2 weeks and in the last 12 hours my baby has had 6 quite large dirty nappies. An unusual amount as he was doing 1-2 a day.

They are the same texture as previous nappies but more seedy and yellow like they were with the breast milk.

Im quite worried as he is really struggling with heavy wind too. He is wriggling and kicking a lot, Could he have some sort of infection?
Should I call the health visitor or doctor?

The poo is getting a little bit more watery on the last one.

Thank you! ( nervous first time mum)

Jayne266 Tue 30-Aug-16 23:24:44

Hi op my dd is formula fed and the look and consistency is her normal nappy. The midwife came to see me on Sunday and said this can be like this throughout the whole time she is formula fed. The main concern is after 2 weeks why has it just changed now? Have you done anything different? Changed formula or the way you make it? Also I agree the amount you have stated in the last 12 hours does seem a lot I would ring the doctors to confirm everything is OK. Kicking and wriggling definitely sounds like wind try tummy massage and sitting your ds up after feeds to reduce the wind. Speak to your hv to help with your concerns.

Annie105 Wed 31-Aug-16 08:28:15

Jayne thanks for responding. No nothing has changed sand formula same amount. I've tried feeding with him more straight and same for winding. He had had a very unsettled night lots of back arching kicking punching out and crying bless him. Definitely something not right so calling my HV this morning. So worrying when you don't know!! Xx

Jayne266 Wed 31-Aug-16 08:45:17

I think it is best when my ds did this more frequently I changed the formula to a comfort one. Good luck

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