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Silent reflux - please help! What are your experiences?

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buttershy Sun 28-Aug-16 10:40:08


My baby is 5 weeks old and the HV thinks she may have silent reflux.

Here are her symptoms:

-Choking on the bottle
-An occasional loud dry cough
-lots of bubbly saliva
-Lots of groaning and throat clearing when lay flat, especially at night
-Occasional vommiting
-Preference for being held over the shoulder
-Writhing and kicking out, often but not always when feeding, always when winding
-Discomfort passing wind and irregular poops

I've looked it up and am surprised she's not more unsettled, she does cry but she's not hysterical.

We are using dr Browns bottles with mam teats (level 1) and at the health visitors recommendation cow and gate comfort milk with infacol given before each feed, this is all as of yesterday. If this helps how long till I see a difference? Is it instant? Or over a few days? I actually think she's been worse since we started in terms of the constant groaning and funny throat noises, although to add to the confusion I also think she makes these noises when she's straining to poop.

If anyone could share your symptoms and what worked for you let me know please I'm worried about my poor little thing.

Thanks X

skyyequake Sun 28-Aug-16 10:49:15

If you're really worried and nothing seems to be helping then take her to your GP! If it is reflux then they may give you Infant Gaviscon (which worked wonders for my DD) and then give you further options if its still a big issue.
Be warned though, some doctors try to tell you that its normal and to just let it pass on its own. I'm sure thats true for some but you know your baby best and if you feel that its very upsetting for her then you can insist on getting a prescription, or try a different GP for a second opinion
Reflux is horrible! Good luck and hope your DD feels better soon flowers

SaltySeaBird Sun 28-Aug-16 10:54:51

Very similar symptoms in my baby who is EBF.

- bunbbly saliva
- prefers being upright
- irregular poos
- discomfort passing wind
- kicking / thrashing in discomfort esp after feeding

We have been seen by paediatrician and he is now on ranatadine (sp?) and it has helped a lot.

SaltySeaBird Sun 28-Aug-16 10:55:55

Should add he is never sick but was often hysterical.

PotatoBread Sun 28-Aug-16 10:59:10

My 8 week old DD had/has the same symptoms from when she was 5-6 weeks onwards. I tried infacol but it seemed to make her worse (more writhing and hysterical crying). Dr gave a perscription for Carobel but it didn't help with any of the symptoms apart from the irregular poo - she had chronic diarrhoea which lasted days and eventually blood in her stools. Am now on infant gaviscon for the past week. It has helped a bit though DD would still suffer with approx 2 of her bottles a day.

I've read about cranial osteopathy helping with silent reflux. The HV is visiting me on Tues so I'll speak to her about it to see what her views on it are.

It's horrible watching them suffer and not being able to do anything especially when nothing seems to work. Infant gaviscon hasn't been a miracle worker through defintkey helps a bit.

skyyequake Sun 28-Aug-16 12:09:58

PotatoBread I found that Gaviscon works better the longer they're on it... I had the same at first where it helped some but not with all bottles but as time went on it helped more and more - DD was on it till almost her 1st birthday but by 4/5 months (she started it at 3 months) she never had any reflux (unless I tried not giving her the Gaviscon)

PotatoBread Sun 28-Aug-16 13:02:53

That's good to know sky

babyand Thu 08-Sep-16 07:55:00

I tried EVERYTHING with my babies SR and Th only thing to work was renatadine twice a day and a half a spoon of carabel in each bottle. Worked almost instantly

5minutestobed Thu 08-Sep-16 08:04:56

Infacol won't do anything for reflux. You need to try some Carobel or Gaviscon. Better off going to see the GP, HVs are not able to do much when it comes to this stuff.

PeppaPigStinks Thu 08-Sep-16 10:02:46

I've had two reflux babies. I think my one week old is also reflexy

A stretchy sling saved my sanity as did lots of Muslins!

If you prop up the cot or Moses basket (like they suggest when babies have a cold) that will also help a lot.

I set up my Moses basket like this before this baby came along.

Baby may
Also prefer to sleep in a bouncer chair as it is upright.

The dr will prescribe gaviscon which is easy to give with formula.

Good luck - a refluxy baby can be hard work so don't beat your self up or feel dis hearted when they don't settle flowers

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