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Weaning - both types!

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tappitytaptap Fri 26-Aug-16 12:05:01

DS is 22 weeks and is currently breastfed with one bottle of formula most days. I'll be transferring him gradually to formula full time before my return to work in December. My question is whether anyone has experience of transitioning their babies onto formula and solid food at the same time - any advice on whether that would be too many changes at once or better as he is getting used to things changing? I am not averse to keeping the bedtime feed for a few weeks after being back at work if needs be, but am not interested in continuing to breastfeed long term.

tappitytaptap Sun 28-Aug-16 10:57:08

No one any experience they can share? Thanks

DouglasFirs Sun 28-Aug-16 20:39:47

I don't have personal experience but my friend stopped breastfeeding and switched to formula at the same time as weaning and all went smoothly! I think the fact your baby already has formula once a day and is used to a bottle will hopefully mean it's not too much of a change. I'm planning on doing something similar, but switching to formula around 7 months, so interested to see others' experiences

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