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Struggling with constant feeding

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AnnaT45 Sun 21-Aug-16 18:05:23


I'm hoping someone may help as am struggling with BF dd2. She is 19 days old and feeds so much everyday. From around 3/4 in the afternoon she wants to constantly feed for about 12 hours and it's becoming exhausting. I had a c section so feeling a bit crap already plus I have a 19 month old. She fed loads yesterday afternoon /night as usual went down at 10.30 and then woke at 12.30 and was still going at midday, in this time I got two hours broken sleep in between all the feeding. At midday DH took her and gave her a pre made bottle of Aptamil, as he was worried about me not sleeping, which she nailed then passed out for three hours. I know that the first 6 weeks is hard and I managed to feed dd1 till she was 9 months. I'll add that wasn't easy as she had reflux and multiple food allergies that transferred in my milk so I had if hard but made it through.

I'm thinking if just chucking it in and going onto formula but I feel very guilty about this as I fed dd1. I then feel guilty feeding dd2 as it means I can't be with dd1. DH is very supportive of what I want to do and said he'd happily help so I can sleep. So I guess what I'm asking is did anyone else have a hungry baby like this? Could I maybe mix feed? How do I do that without affecting supply?

Sorry for long post but wanted to give as much info as poss. Thanks for any help!

Rainbowrhythms Sun 21-Aug-16 18:09:25

She's likely to grow out of it very soon I would have thought.

This early on it would be quite hard to introduce formula without affecting supply later, having said that your sanity is obviously more important so don't let that be the deciding factor!!

Diddlydokey Sun 21-Aug-16 18:13:41

Mix feeding is the way forward imo. Ideally you want to replace whole feeds rather than topping up as it helps to maintain supply and minimises faff. So say the next feed after 9pm and 8am or whatever are FF

Good luck, surviving on that little sleep is torture.

AnnaT45 Sun 21-Aug-16 18:35:18

Thanks rainbow that's my concern that it will ruin my supply. I know that once I get through this tough bit it will be easier and I like the conscience of it. Like you say it's just my sanity over the next few weeks. I'm struggling to even brush my teeth as she just cries when put down or DH has her.

Thanks diddly did you mix feed? I'd you did how did you go about it? I'm thinking of maybe doing a bottle at 10 so she's really full and hopefully sleeps.

Rainbowrhythms Sun 21-Aug-16 18:42:40

Can you express any so DH can bottle feed at all?

Nothing wrong at all with mix feeding if that's what you want smile

AnnaT45 Sun 21-Aug-16 19:44:13

Possibly rainbow it would just mean trying to find the time to do it when establishing it. I'll give it a go though if I can. Thanks

Diddlydokey Sun 21-Aug-16 19:48:53

I did, only for a few weeks then switched to FF only but that was my choice, ds was happy to go between the 2. We just did one feed per day basically. I went to bed at 9ish then dh would feed him when he next wanted a feed after that and it would see him through for a good few hours. On a good night I could sleep from 9-3/4 and it made it all so much more bearable.

AnnaT45 Sun 21-Aug-16 22:29:06

diddy that sounds like my ideal. I don't mind doing night feeds etc but she takes hours and it's constant so just to get a good chunk would really help. We are going to try it tonight as she's still constantly feeding! Thank you for your advice

Diddlydokey Mon 22-Aug-16 19:46:34

How did you get on last night Op?

AnnaT45 Mon 22-Aug-16 23:31:06

Hi diddly,

Thanks for checking in. So we have formula after feeding on me for three hours. She took it all fell asleep for an hour then woke up hungry! She's been feeding all day since 9.30. I'm going to try call a helpline tomorrow but I have both DDs on my own so will not likely get chance!

Have just given her more formula which she took but then wanted more feeding so she's back on the boob. I think I've a very hungry baby!!!!

MerylPeril Mon 22-Aug-16 23:45:51

I wish I had tried mixed feeding sooner. At 5 weeks DD was feeding 18-20 hours a day (no exaggerating)
I still persisted after being told by all the breast feeding support networks that it was a phase, a growth spurt and more milk would come.
Instead I dried up completely, I got milk once more 5 days later, did a big feed and never had anymore.
We saw my GP that week who was great and said I should have given a bottle earlier and there is only so much a body can take (she also said my milk might not have been good enough and I was quite poorly anyway).
Sometimes I think your body could do with a break to give it a chance to make more.

TriJo Tue 23-Aug-16 01:50:22

My DS fed every 45-60 minutes during the day with a 3 hour boobathon most evenings until he was around 12 weeks old. Even at nearly 5 months now he's still in the mood for boob roughly every 2 hours. It does get better but it's horrible when you're in the depths of it.

AnnaT45 Tue 23-Aug-16 04:39:48

Thanks for sharing that meril I believe you on the amount as it's similar here. My boobs just don't ever get chance to fill up again. I've given some formula at 10.30 the last two nights which has helped and got her to sleep for four hours, which she really needs after bugger all in the day. I think I'll stick with that method now!

Thanks tri I wish it was just three hours and a bit of a break in the day but it's constant and she's not sleeping. I fed my 19 month old for 9 months and remember the cluster feeding but if only lasted a day or so. This is everyday and I don't have time to make toast let alone play with dd1. I'm really trying to stick it out but I think a small bottle of formula each night will save me! I've just had fours hours sleep and woken up very full which means the break has helped me produce more for her! Hurray!

livinginabox Tue 23-Aug-16 05:40:53

Have you had the latch check and checked her for tongue tie? It sounds excessive and I wonder if there's a problem with her extracting the milk.

AnnaT45 Tue 23-Aug-16 06:08:08

living I've had both checked. She was back up to her birth weight after ten days and does plenty of wees and pois through the day. But I am wondering if there is something else going on as it's excessive. I've tried a dummy and she won't take it she just wants to feed constantly. I'm really keen to carry on BF as I know from DD1 once it's established it's really easy and I enjoy it, but I'm worried about the next few weeks to get there.

livinginabox Tue 23-Aug-16 08:56:22

I would get it looked at again tbh, there's clearly something a miss. It sounds outside of 'normal ' and I would get a second/third opinion.

DS had a TT and he was checked by lots of HCP who all said it was fine but it wasn't. I went privately in the end and it was so much better afterwards.

Diddlydokey Tue 23-Aug-16 08:57:17

Have you tried a dummy? She might just be a very sucky baby. I found that if DS wanted to suck, he would take a dummy happily an if he was hungry, you'd know about it instantly as the dummy was spat to the other side of the room.

Did you try more ozs? Ideally you don't want her to finish the bottle, iyswim - then you know she's really full.

With the BF, whilst boobs do fill up, they don't empty - the milk just keeps on coming. When the feeds separate out, you'll probably get that feeling again.

Diddlydokey Tue 23-Aug-16 08:59:05

Sorry - just seen your post re the dummy.

I can remember DS seeming to be hungry so I'd try to feed him and then he'd get angry and start thrashing at the boob, head bobbing on and off (OWCH!) - I think in hindsight it was wind.

livinginabox Tue 23-Aug-16 09:15:57

Just to add DS's weight, wees & poo was also fine but that because in was always feeding him! They kept focusing on that rather than looking at the pattern of feeding.

AnnaT45 Tue 23-Aug-16 10:15:11

Thanks diddly I'm winding lots in between as that's definitely needed!

living that's interesting thank you. A midwife checked in hospital but maybe I'll calm health visitor and get her to take a look. She slowed down the feeding last night thank goodness but is back on it today! Thank you for your advice

BertieBotts Tue 23-Aug-16 10:23:36

At 19 days - I could say hang in there!

You need an expert to check latch and tongue tie, IME - most midwives and certainly health visitors are not experts in this. They don't get a lot of training on it (in the case of tongue tie I think none at all unless they have sought it themselves.)

Are you in a position to pay an IBCLC or not?

user1471520369 Tue 23-Aug-16 11:45:44

This sounds exactly like my DS was until a week ago when he was treated for tongue tie. Midwives at the hospital said he didn't have tongue tie but a specialist diagnosed a posterior tongue tie at 6 weeks and his latch is now much better and he seems more satisfied after a feed. The private clinic we took him to carried out a free assessment and only charged if treatment was needed - there might be something similar in your area? Hope this helps!

AnnaT45 Tue 23-Aug-16 16:23:43

Thank you bertie and user I think I will get it checked out by someone more experienced. Luckily I can afford to see someone so will get that organised when o get chance. It hasn't been as full on today but she's not had chance as I've had dd1 needing me. I guess that means she may go for it tonight!

Thank you for your advice really appreciate it

BertieBotts Tue 23-Aug-16 19:57:59

OK. If you're going to pay, make sure the person you hire has the IBCLC qualification. Lots of people market themselves as breastfeeding advisors of some kind but IBCLC is the recognised one.

Hope you get some sleep!

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