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How to stop BF after severe Mastitis

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Annie105 Wed 17-Aug-16 14:31:04

Hi all I had my baby just over a week ago. The midwife in hospital didn't check him properly for a tongue tie and I have ended up in hospital since Monday with a very severe case of mastitis. I'm devastated as I should be home with my baby. Only 5 days after starting breastfeeding!! It has progressed very rapidly in my left breast and I have 3 large abscesses they need to aspirate today. This means another 2 nights in hospital.

My husband and mum have been formula feeding him since Sunday as I was so ill I couldn't pump. My breasts were also rock solid and so inflamed I couldn't even have a cotton sheet on top of them. They have put the rapid advance of the mastitis down to an unfortunate thing which only something g like 1% of women suffer from when they get mastitis.

Anyway my question is as he is thriving on formula and I am utterly terrified of breastfeeding and getting this ill again and spending another week away from a new born how do I stop my breastmilk safely to prevent another return of mastitis? They keep telling me I need to get the backed up milk out which I am trying to do by hand expressing this is hard when you are in so much pain and your boobs are Rock hard and swollen!! But how do I get the backed up milk out then how should I start to dry it up after?

I've asked the nurses but they gave varying answers and the hospitals lactation consultant is on holiday for 2 weeks.

Any mums got any sage advice would be most appreciated?
Thank you x

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