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Cows milk protein

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seven201 Tue 16-Aug-16 02:07:30

My daughter is coming up to 9 weeks old. She has reflux and ranitidine is helping with that. Went to the gp today (yesterday now!) and we're going to try going cows milk free to see if she is intolerant. She's combination fed with 2 bottles a day. We've got the prescription formula. My issue is on Thursday I have a hospital thing so will be away from her for the day. I have been expressing in preparation for this day since she was born. Expressing does not come easy to me I cried when I spilt some. I know it can take up to two ish weeks for the cmp diet to make any difference. Is that for it to get out of the mother's body? can I use the expressed milk or if I should give her formula for the day?

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