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seven201 Mon 15-Aug-16 06:04:53

I've recently realised that it's probably the breastfeeding vitamins that are giving me poo issues! Don't read on if you don't want to hear about my poo! On one brand it causes really solid painful stools and on another diarrhoea. Would I be better off buying individual vitamins? Anyone know which vitamins you should definitely have? My diet isn't great and I'm about to go cows milk free so I don't want to just stop taking any.

Brankolium Mon 15-Aug-16 08:45:23

Definitely calcium and vitamin D - you could try Adcal or similar for those two (which I think you can get prescribed from your GP, useful if you still have a maternity exemption certificate).

RNBrie Mon 15-Aug-16 08:49:51

Just vit d and folic acid according to this...

BBC article Pregnancy vitamins are a waste of money

seven201 Mon 15-Aug-16 09:19:13

Amazing. Thank you so much both

bigmamapeach Mon 15-Aug-16 09:23:10

Vit d and folic acid standard. Calcium for when go dairy free. Check healthy start scheme some mums get the vit d and folic free via that. Iron in vits can sometimes cause constipation !

dementedpixie Mon 15-Aug-16 09:27:08

You don't need folic acid for breastfeeding, just for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Vitamin d is recommended. Maybe get one with calcium combined if you are stopping dairy products

Brankolium Mon 15-Aug-16 10:53:02

You don't need folic acid for breastfeeding. However, if there's any chance you might fall pregnant again then it's worth including.

seven201 Mon 15-Aug-16 11:17:54

Yes I was wondering about not needing the folic acid. Definitely not planning another baby yet! I will get vit d and calcium. Thanks everyone

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