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Breastfeeding, Periods and Supply

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EagleRay Sat 13-Aug-16 23:18:21

DD2 is 14wo and almost exclusively breast fed, apart from a couple of very small bottles of formula each day. BF has been a bit of a challenge as DD2 was a very large baby and was in NICU with blood sugar problems, jaundice and so on. And then of course she lost too much weight, wouldn't put it on fast enough, and so on.

Things are fairly settled now. She's a decent size, and I'm happy to continue with the little bit of formula (throwback to when it was forced upon us in hospital) as it means that DP can feed her occasionally.

I wasn't expecting my periods to return for some time, if ever. I'm perimenopausal, am BF and have a medical condition that normally causes periods to stop (I normally take medication for this but not while pregnant or BF). But already I've had 3 periods!!!

During the most recent one (last few days) I'm pretty certain I noticed a drop in supply - DD was feeding A LOT and also getting quite angry during feeds - screaming, squealing, latching on and off continuously. And it just felt like there was nothing there. AF completely over today, and hey presto, things seem back to normal - in fact, I seem to have to be careful that she doesn't overfeed!

I've lost a fair bit of weight recently, and wondered if it was that, but then googled the period thing. What on earth do I do? AF seems to be coming every 3 weeks too, and is very heavy. I could just about manage it but not the supply thing as well confused

chattygranny Sat 13-Aug-16 23:26:23

Just wondering if it might be worthwhile having your thyroid tested? Just the weight loss, the unexpected periods, the reduced milk supply suggests something metabolic maybe? Quite common in peri-menopause and after childbirth. Mine died but my friend's went into overdrive and symptoms were similar.

EagleRay Sat 13-Aug-16 23:42:28

That's a good point re my thyroid ChattyGranny - it's always been normal but I already have a malfunctioning pituitary and feel like a prime candidate for thyroid stuff!

The weight loss is actually my doing - I was overweight before I got pregnant, gained a lot then didn't lose much after the birth. So am now making some effort to lose it - it's not been that drastic but I do feel different as am actually losing weight now rather than eating for England each day!

One other thing I need to keep an eye on is anaemia - blood loss at birth was a bit higher than average and 3 week period cycle won't help much...

NaturalRBF Sat 13-Aug-16 23:46:18

Yeah my supply changed when AF arrives. Fenugreek and blessed thistle tea is fab for keeping supply up!

chattygranny Sun 14-Aug-16 09:23:20

Ah also if you are dieting this will affect your
milk supply too - unless you're one of those lucky women who could feed a dozen - as soon as I started "cutting down" my milk supply decreased. I think now
My thyroid was on the wane for years. Yes I think it's the pituitary which sends messages to the thyroid so sounds worth checking!

EagleRay Sun 14-Aug-16 10:24:26

I thought it was the reduction in eating initially, but whatever the problem was seems to have rapidly gone away with AF. Baby slept soundly last night (well until 4am!) and doesn't need to feed for as long.

I would be devastated if it was the weight loss as can't hack being obese any longer!

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