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Anti reflux, gaviscon or what?

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Jw35 Sat 13-Aug-16 16:52:36

My baby is 5 weeks, she was born 3 weeks early and weighed 6lb 8oz. This may or may not make any difference. She has what I think (from googling a lot) silent reflux. My toddler had reflux as a baby and anti reflux milk worked like a dream, he was a sicky baby until then so think she had ordinary reflux. My 5wo is never sick but has all other signs: back arching, drawing legs up, screaming, won't lie in buggy or Moses, coughing and hiccups etc. she will cough or splutter after a feed and has a bit of spit up milk in her mouth and remain unco for table for a long time after. It can be hard to get wind up but not impossible.

Anyway I know I need to see my GP ideally but I worry they're all of differing opinions and don't always know tbh. A paediatrician would probably be better! She's on anti reflux formula and has been for the last 2 weeks. There's been some improvement and a definite obvious improvement straightaway but it's not the whole answer. The last 2 days she seems to have got uncomfortable again and is now feeding more frequently, crying more and only sleeping on me.

What I want to know I suppose is whether gaviscon is likely to work better and what it actually does? Some say it's just a thickener and others say it's an antacid. I think she needs something more than a thickener.

I am going to the GP on Monday but it's the weekend and I'd still like to know as much as possible myself. It's such a minefield it seems! I'd lie to hear people's opinions on silent reflux. Thanks

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