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Painful nipples after 11.5 months?

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ACatCalledFang Wed 10-Aug-16 22:47:07

Having no end of problems feeding at the moment, after months of problem-free feeding. I'd really appreciate any views on this as I can't get to a breastfeeding clinic for another week at least. (Apologies, it's long!)

The problem started back in June when MiniFang sprouted his first two teeth and decided to put them to the test...unfortunately, despite following various different strands of advice on how to deal with biting, we are no further forwards on this. If he bites, he gets taken off the boob. No effect so far!

Nearly two weeks ago now, I started getting pain around the nipples of both breasts, and some deeper pain in my right breast. Saw the nurse last week who was pretty useless and apparently the symptoms weren't consistent with mastitis or thrush (I'd had the vaginal version of the latter a week or so earlier). The deeper pain has now gone but both nipples hurt (like a burning sensation at its worst) and the left is agonising. I mean, the kind of pain that makes you want to shriek. It hurts when I'm not feeding, and feeding is almost unbearable.

I've looked and there are a couple of tiny cuts, which would explain it. But I'm convinced we have a latch issue - DS keeps pulling back while he feeds, almost stretching my nipple, and I'm wondering whether this has got something to do with the pain and/or could have caused the cuts. He's been doing this for a few weeks now but I'm puzzled as to why. When I hand-expressed earlier, there seemed to be plenty of milk.

So, to those of you with more experience than me:

Is it possible/likely that we have a latch issue after 11 months of problem-free feeding? If so, what do we do about it? Any idea why?

Could the pain be due to thrush? I can't see anything obvious in DS's mouth. My nipples are normal and look no different bar the little cuts.

Should I give the extremely painful breast a break for a few days, hand-express to comfort and apply Lansinoh, or just woman up and persist?

What can I do to stop the biting?

If you read this far, thank you! Any and all suggestions welcome!

Ilovecake73 Thu 11-Aug-16 19:20:07

That so sounds like thrush to me from my experience of it... It's soooo painful, you have my sympathies... I would insist on a second opinion and if it is both of you need to be treated to stop you passing it between one another.
The cuts are most likely down to the biting... And perhaps your wincing in pain when baby latches on??? I am having very similar problems so am using Silverettes which are amazing and pumping if the nipple is too painful and they are then much improved within 24 hrs ish.
Good luck as I can understand how much pain you are in so insist on some help!!! And rest up too if you can.

StickyPick Sun 14-Aug-16 20:01:27

No advice unfortunately but just wanted to post to say I'm having very similar problems to you. Was just about to post a thread when I saw yours.
Im also at 11.5 months after 11 months of great pain free feeding. No idea what's gone wrong but my dd is also pulling back when feeding and I think her latch is quite shallow. I recently had a milk blister and suspected blocked duct which I think has now gone but pain is still there. Sometimes I think it's almost like she's grazing my nipple with her teeth when pulling back, which is adding to the agony.
You have my sympathies op. I hope things improve for you soon and someone with more experience than me comes along with some advice! I'll be watching with interest as have no idea how to get things back to normal.

Tumtitum Sun 14-Aug-16 20:25:34

Does the burning persist between feeds? And is it both nipples? If not I think from what I know the unlikely to be thrush, but if it sounds like that then go to GP and insist they swab. In the meantime you could buy some Daktarin (think that's what it's called?!) and try putting that on your nipples and see if it helps?
My 6 month old DD does the pulling back thing on my nipples too, think it stems from her (now cut) tongue tie and preferring a shallow latch. No advice but sympathies!! flowers

ACatCalledFang Mon 15-Aug-16 07:30:04

Thanks for your suggestions, everyone. StickyPick, that's exactly it - his latch has become very shallow. I don't know what I can do to change that, though, or what different positions might be worth a try - I usually cradle him and have him lying in my lap when we feed (so if feeding on my left side, his right arm would be tucked round my waist, left arm free to pat grab). I half wonder if it's worth going to a breastfeeding clinic to see if they can advise, but would feel a bit of a fraud surrounded by newborn....

Tumtitum, the really awful pain has gone, and it was worse on one side but I think that was the cut/crack. My concern was the pain feeling like it was spreading into the breast, but that's gone as well. Overall, it's been better this weekend. I was having problems with both nipples, though, and it was persisting between feeds. Useful to know that sounds consistent with thrush - will head to the GP again if it comes back.

Ilovecake73 (great user name, by the way) - rest up? I like your sense of humour!

Thanks again, everyone - only one of my RL friends is still breastfeeding so it's great to get advice from others.

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