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Hormones after breastfeeding

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bluebillyberry Wed 10-Aug-16 16:46:31

I've posted in health but no repose so far; perhaps not the right place?!

My son has now semi self weaned with a little nudge from me. (3.5)

So for a long time it had been morning and night, the odd nap, though lately he'd forgotten a few days so I decided to draw it to a close as if been feeling very touched out for a month.

A year ago I had to go away for work for 4 days and really noticed the hormonal effect. I'm not feeling it this time; it's now been a week, but I wondered how long any effect on cycles or other hormone settling might continue for? A sort of what to expect? Eg bad pmt?

I haven't been getting mood related issues but my joints/ muscles can be very painful around ovulation and pre menstrual, esp si joint.

tiktok Wed 10-Aug-16 19:17:35

With such a gentle and gradual tailing off of BF, it would not be surprising if you experienced very little effect, blue.

Very well established long lasting BF is not really all that 'hormonal' , you know smile. The mechanism is almost solely autocrine, not endocrine, and prolactin levels are barely above 'normal' levels.

If your periods are back to normal, this would also be a sign that hormonally, all is pretty close to normal, too.

WellErrr Wed 10-Aug-16 19:33:26

Each time I've stopped breastfeeding I get a sort of irrational internal rage and irritation at everyone and everything (not the child or actually violent obviously!). I put it down to hormones. Lasts a day or two and then I get a massive boost and feel AMAZING.

bluebillyberry Thu 11-Aug-16 20:47:58

Thank you so much for your responses - Tiktok I'm honoured you replied grin

I think I've suspected little or no impact as there's zero emotional swings. Last time I hadn't night weaned (did so around last October) so 4/5 days away definitely caused emotional swings!

Periods are different still post baby and didn't return till 22 mo. But appear to now be regular and the same as before.

My physio is adamant my si joint problems are related to bf. I'd like to prove him wrong, despite the alternative to be much less painful! (Pelvic network says its pregnancy and bf has no effect). I guess an autocrine response would suggest bf has no impact, also the fact that milk can take years to dry up (if ever) also would mean most women would have severe pelvic issues for everafter child birth?!

In my experience so far the hormonal surges of ovulation / periods seem to have a bad impact. I guess I wondered if this might change .

bluebillyberry Thu 11-Aug-16 20:48:49

WelleR that sounds great! Do you mean physically or emotionally?

WellErrr Thu 11-Aug-16 21:38:18


bluebillyberry Sun 14-Aug-16 08:56:17

Well that's nice to know smile

Coming up to 2 weeks now. I'm not emotional at all which is great. Due period in a couple of days which could be interesting!

Feeling a tad fluey or as if fighting a cold. It wouldn't be mild mastitis or anything? Boobs ever so slightly tender but nothing else. I had a badly blocked duct once (and felt awful) but I'm not that bad.

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