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Comfort feeding until sick - help!

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primarynoodle Sat 06-Aug-16 07:41:35

Dd is 4 weeks old and EBF - over the last few days she has started going a bit overboard on the feeding and ends up being sick (lots of it comes back up, sometimes up to half an hour after the feed) but then she wants to feed again!

If I don't let her feed its almost impossible to settle her even with another family member. Have tried dummies, sling, lots of cuddles, cosleeping etc. Don't know what to do now - any advice?

SeashellHoarder Sat 06-Aug-16 09:28:49

I wonder if this is wind, are you managing to stop half way though the feed and get a good burp up before continuing? I used to do 15 -20 mins on one boob, wind, change nappy, then finish on other boob. (disclaimer this was a long time ago!)

primarynoodle Sat 06-Aug-16 09:40:40

We do sometimes get a burp but rarely - she isn't "actively sucking" on the boob either so isn't feeding for long just suckling. I'm 90% sure she's not hungry. I'm reluctant to swap boobs too soon because of the fore/hind milk issue.

I have an overactive let down too - could that be a problem?

RNBrie Sat 06-Aug-16 09:49:44

It could be reflux... Vomiting a long time after a feed is a symptom, so perhaps worth a trip to the gp.

However, I suspect she's just tired and needs to learn better sleep habits. If you're 90% sure she isn't hungry then finding a better way of getting her to sleep is key.

My dd3 is 5 weeks old and became harder to settle from 4 weeks. Having a good routine has helped, she gets a good feed, then a play for 20-30 mins and then I know she is tired. She needs help sleeping too so I take her for a walk in the buggy, rock her in a bouncy chair or stick her in the sling if my older two are around. She cries for 10 mins before going to sleep regardless of the method I use.

I have a fast let down too and a shit ton of milk so she gulps a lot as she's feeding which results in miserable wind. It takes 10 mins to feed her and 30 mins to wind her, you might not be giving her enough time upright.

Orsono Sat 06-Aug-16 11:09:43

Have you tried feeding her in an upright position? This might help stop so much coming back up.

primarynoodle Sat 06-Aug-16 14:38:24

Any tips for feeding more upright? I have only really mastered the cradle hold and I try and lean so she's more upright but she's still fairly horizontal. Have tried the football hold but she's still too little and floppy for me to be able to keep her there! (Huge boobs don't help confusedhmm)

I don't wind her for very long - will give that a go. If it doesn't improve think I will ring go on Monday for potential reflux, is it likely to 'develop' though? As she's only been like this for the last couple of days!

I am aware I'm a neurotic pfb mother!!

Orsono Sat 06-Aug-16 17:44:08

Have a look here at the koala hold and laid-back breastfeeding - those both keep the baby upright.

It's worth going to a breastfeeding support group if you can to get them to show you the best way to get into the positions if you have problems with it being uncomfortable. For the koala hold, you have the baby astride your leg, holding them with both hands under the arms, head level or slightly below breast, then you bring them forward, letting their head tip back. Once they're latched on you can kind of slide them round to rest on one arm.

For the laid back position, I found this easiest to get right in the bath!

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