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Low milk supply and tongue tie!

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user1468244773 Wed 03-Aug-16 16:16:18

Dd is 2 weeks, we've been battling a low milk supply. She originally dropped 10% so we had to is top ups with formula. She has around 10oz of formula a day and the rest breast. My let down lasts seconds and then she flings herself off screaming because she can't get anything. I have never leaked since leaving the hospital. I don't feel engorged, and I can't express anything by hand or pump. My health visitor spent 2 hours today trying to get something and we didn't get a drop.

Anyway we are finally paying private and she's getting it snipped on Saturday. Her latch is perfect and it doesn't hurt like it did before, more just her gumming me.

Will my supply increase? I want to feed completely by breast. I want leaking boobies 😩 Even if she doesn't take anything through the night I don't wake up with anything!?

Once she can drain my breasts will my supply go up?

Thank you. X

ASheepLessOrdinary Wed 03-Aug-16 21:15:49

I haven't really got any advice but just wanted to give you my sympathy; we've had very similar problems with our DD (10 weeks), so I know what it's like. Our issues are still unresolved but we looked at tongue tie as one of the many potential causes and it definitely can cause decreased milk supply if your baby can't effectively drain your breasts. Good luck and I really hope things improve for you after Saturday.

dollydaydream84 Wed 03-Aug-16 22:37:46

Keep expressing even if you get nothing at first. You are asking your boobs to make milk so eventually it will start. I could express 2-3oz at 2 weeks, I'm pumping 8-9oz now at 6 weeks. Keep going it's bloody hard xxx

BrigitteWest Thu 04-Aug-16 17:22:13

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