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is this reflux?

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Babytalkobsession Mon 01-Aug-16 21:28:18

Hello. DS2 is 4 weeks old. He feeds a lot. Every 2 hours over night and countless times throughout the day, he has frequent bouts of cluster feeding - not just in the evening.

Sometimes he feeds fine, settles ok, doesn't seem in pain. However, often (particularly in evening and also early hours) he cries out, arches back, fussed off & on the breast, splutters, coughs and occasionally makes loud gulping sounds.

Also, every time I put him on his back to change him, lay him on his mat, even in his bouncer he is sick. And it's a lot, soaking his sheet / baby grow. Laying on his back also gives him loud harsh sounding hiccups.

Does this sound like reflux? Should I see a doctor or does it sound mild enough to wait for him to grow out of it? I'm finding the constant vomiting / feeding cycle very hard going.

His weight gain is excellent, climbed from 75th to 98th centile in his 4 weeks so he is clearly keeping enough down!

He's not miserable, but doesn't seem particularly content either. He's either asleep, feeding or crying. Not content with bouncer / mat (he is only 4 weeks though so I know it's early days!)

Thank you

Heirhelp Tue 02-Aug-16 06:32:06

Sounds like reflux. Feeding lots is a comforting him through the pain. Go to GP.

YokoUhOh Tue 02-Aug-16 06:40:18

Actually, my DS2 was like this at 4 weeks but is fine now (10 weeks).

Evenings are a really fussy time and babies tend to behave like this. By all means see the GP, but it sounds pretty standard for evenings, and it does improve.

mrsmugoo Tue 02-Aug-16 16:03:09

I agree with PP. an element of reflux is very common in babies as their stomach valves are immature. My 9 week old is sick after every feed and is sometimes in obvious discomfort but I don't think she needs medicating.

angelacameron223 Tue 02-Aug-16 21:02:25

Sounds like reflux. My baby had the same issues and Babies magic tea was the life saver for us.

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